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Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Moon Resonance Amp Locations

Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph features plenty of activities for players to grind and collectibles to find. One of those collectible types are Resonance Amps. These collectibles require some extra steps to be completed before players can even interact with them. So, are all of the Moon Resonance Amp locations in Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph: All Moon Resonance Amp Locations


Where to find the Luna.Sanctuary.Stage.Backdrop Moon Resonance Amp location.

This Warmind Node is found below the platform Eris Morn stands on in Sanctuary. Simply head behind her and jump down to collect this node.

Luna.Archer.Crevasse.Crash – Moon Resonance Amp Locations

The location of the Luna.Archer.Crevasse.Crash Moon Resonance Amp in Destiny 2.

This Warmind Node can be found along the road in Archer’s Line. Follow the road northwest and stop at the jump over the crevasse. Look down and to the right from the jump to find a number of platforms to jump down. The node is located on the second platform.

Moon Resonance Amps: Luna.Archer.Dome.Catwalk

Where to find the Luna.Archer.Dome.Catwalk Moon Resonance Amp location.

This Warmind Node is found in a dome structure in the southeast corner of Archer’s Line. Head inside the structure and jump up to the second level to find this node.


Where to find the Luna.Hellmouth.Outcropping.Alcove Moon Resonance Amp location.

This Warmind Node is found at the back of a small cave in Hellmouth. Hive enemies do spawn from here, so clear the area then head in for your node.

Luna.Sorrows.Altars.Recess – Moon Resonance Amp Locations

Where the Luna.Sorrows.Altars.Recess Moon Resonance Amp location is.

This Warmind Node is found in a cave under the Altars in Sorrow’s Harbor. Hive enemies spawn all over this area, so clear them out first if they are giving you any issue. Then enter the cave and continue all the way to the end to find this node.


The Moon Resonance Amp location of the Luna.Anchor.Tower.Rotunda Warmind Node.

This Warmind Node is found in a circular structure near the center of Anchor of Light. Head inside and find the node near the doorway, next to some boxes.

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