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Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Europa Resonance Amp Locations

Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph features plenty of activities for players to grind and collectibles to find. One of those collectible types are Resonance Amps. These collectibles require some extra steps to be completed before players can even interact with them. So, here is how to collect Resonance Amps and the Europa Resonance Amp locations in Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph.

How to Unlock and Use Resonate Stems

Resonate Stems are a type of currency that are used to access Warmind Nodes. During the Season of the Seraph, Resonate Stems are earned from every activity a player completes. These items will be added into your inventory under a consumable named Resonance Amp. Once a player has collected 4 Resonance Stems they can interact with the Resonance Amp in their inventory to create an Override Code, consuming the Resonate Stems. Each Override Code corresponds to a specific Warmind Node location and is generated randomly. Players can not interact with Warmind Nodes they find unless they have generated the Override Code specific to that node.

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph: All Europa Resonance Amp Locations

NOTE: Warmind Nodes are only found on Europa, Moon, and in the Operation: Seraph’s Shield Exotic Mission. Map images are included when possible.


Europa.Beyond.Cliff.Landing Resonance Amp map location

This Warmind Node is found at the very edge of the cliff in the Beyond section of Europa. Simply run up to it and interact to collect it.

Europa.Crossing.Outpost.Wall Resonance Amp Location

Europa.Crossing.Outpost.Wall Resonance Amp Location

This Warmind Node can be found just outside of Variks’ Outpost in Charon’s Crossing. After heading out the front door look for a broken metal platform. The node is on the ledge just below this broken platform.

Europa.Crossing.Outpost.Wall Resonance Amp Location - Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph


Europa.Ridge.Road.Ledge Resonance Amp location

This Warmind Node is found along the road between Charon’s Crossing and Cadmus Ridge. Heading up the road from Charon’s Crossing the node can be found on a ledge to the left just before entering Cadmus Ridge.

Resonance Amp Location: Europa.Abyss.Fissure.Construct

Resonance Amp Location: Europa.Abyss.Fissure.Construct

This Warmind Node is found nestled between some broken ice and the main structure in Absterion Abyss. Look around the edge of the structure to find a small opening in the ice near the Concealed Void Lost Sector.


Europa.Eventide.Cliff.Refuge Resonance Amp Location

This Warmind Node is found in a cave along the edge of Eventide Ruins. Look for an opening in the snow around the eastern edge and head down into a small cave. The node is the only thing in this cave.


Europa.Eventide.Dome.Catwalk – Resonance Amp Location

Europa.Eventide.Dome.Catwalk - Resonance Amp Location

This Warmind Node is found west of the main structure in Eventide Ruins. You should find a small dome structure in this area. Head inside and up the central catwalk to find this node.