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Deep Rock Galactic Update Patch Notes June 21





PATCH NOTES – S05.03 June 21


Hello Miners,

This patch contains fixes to everything from the Drillevator to overclocks and enemies. Remember to use Pleasefix to report your bugs and vote for the issues you would like to have fixed!
With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew



  • Added new sounds for center engine on drillevator
  • Fixed that sometimes clients could join and not get the UI element.
  • Fixed issue where Victory Poses could be found in Lost Packs, they are only supposed to be found in Crates
  • Cluster bombs now spawn the correct amount of them
  • [Scorching Tide OC] Damage is now back to normal after being cut in half after double damage bugfix.
  • Fixed Acid cloud left by Preatorian and Oppressors dealing 4x damage to players.
  • Fixed players being killed by cold damage freezing upon revival.
  • [Cluster Charges OC] Reduced max ammo slightly. Reduced cluster fragments by 2.
  • Fixed gear stats overlapping Paintjob selector, when too many stats
  • Fixed status effect related crash
  • Fixed issue with Status effects that gave damage not always rewarding kills to players correctly. E.g. a projectile sets an enemy on fire and dies from it later. The projectile would be gone and the kill instigator could not be resolved.
  • Sentries are now placeable (again) on the floodlights of the minehead in Point Extraction
  • Fixed case where collecting a Data Cell would also count as collecting a rift crystal.
  • The rift crystal will now try finding places to spawn rifts at increasing distance in case not enough spawn points are found
  • The rift crystal will now ignore the line of sight requirement if many attempts to find spots for rift spawning fails
  • You can now do weapon inspection on the Leadstorm with Rotary Overdrive OC when heat is 0.
  • Fixed dwarf not using the correct voice line for sending bosco to mine morkite seeds
  • Fixed On-Site Refining missions where appearing to seldom and mostly in Salt Pits and Crystalline Caverns
  • Fixed Drillevator freefall audio was playing while still cracking geode crystal
  • Fixed issue with Lost Packs where if the pack contained a Bosco skin, but you already had all of them. You would not get an appropriate alternate reward. In addition you would also get the wrong message about having collected everything.
  • Fixed Kursite event not playing deposit particles and sounds for clients
  • [Scorching Tide OC] Sticky flames are now being dropped by the projectiles again.
  • [Cluster Charges OC] Tweaked clip and ammo to make them fit nicely again.
  • Fix for Crystal Nucleation OC to be much more performant and fixed some issues with the ice status effect staying indefinitely.
  • Fixed that Oppressors could spawn in tutorial (Rip greenbeards)
  • Fixed the sticky ice from Cryo Cannon: Crystal Nucleation OC could receive Status Effects causing weird effects like it being affected by the Dreadnoughts Pheromone effect that spawns swarmers.
  • Fixed LOK-1 Sm?t Trigger OS™ overkilling with 1 extra bullet in some cases
  • Fixed issue where upgrades that changed the effects on weapons, e.g. Materials, Impact Effects / sounds. Would not be applied.
  • Fixed Order of the Deep First Person armor getting skin color assigned to glowy bits instead of glowy material.
  • Deepscan mission Resonance Target Proximity scanner now indicates height even if you are far away, unless you are far enough away to lose signal
  • Fixed visual effect for coil gun OC Necro-Thermal Catalyst not working on clients.
  • Fixed Rival Sniper turret missing muzzle flash.
  • Fixed Rival Sniper turret making continuous impact sounds after being destroyed.
  • Added voice lines for the Korlok Tyrant-Weed



PATCH NOTES – S05.02 June 18

Patch Notes: S05.02 (101624 - 18/06/2024)


Hello Miners,

This patch includes several crash fixes as well as a lot of fixes to everything from enemies & overclocks to UI.
With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew



  • Fixed that projectiles where shooting slightly lower than intended
  • Fixed laser point description on latejoin pod beacon
  • Fixed UV problem with scanning pod head
  • Fixed screen on Liquid Morkite Refinery DD Objective
  • Freefall tweak preventing audio to disappear completely
  • Enabled collision on drillevator's jet boots dispensers
  • Fixed Deep Scan missions appearing in the server browser after they are no longer joinable (After you start the drillevator)
  • [Duck and Cover] Increased rarity of Mactera. Reduced amount multiplier of Acid Spitters and Web Shooters. Increased bonus of the warning to 30%.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented matrix cores to not be refunded correctly
  • Cooldown for drillevator shout slightly increased
  • Status effect crash fix
  • [Barrage Infector] Reduced attack cooldown range from 2-4 to 2-3 seconds.
  • [Mortar Rounds OC] Decreased distance to explosion required for tinnitus sound to play. Should make it less common during use.
  • [Barrage Infector] Increased projectile velocity slightly.
  • Fixed the SMG OC - Conductor Bullets. You could get a Matrix core with it again. If you did and already owned it, you will be given another random Overclock.
  • Fix crash related to terrain operations
  • Fixed a crash where attached chemical arrows would be null during death
  • Fixed Order of the Deep armors did not show selected paintjob in First Person view.
  • Server list: Fixed scrollbar moving item ui to the left when visible
  • Fixed tool tip for Haz 5 Plus not showing correct data
  • Fixed Stalker having a collider after death. This made it possible to ping and block some bullets after death.
  • Fix issues where some armors could show without sleeves in the icon, even though it was not supported for that armor.
  • Fixed issue when previewing armors, the paintjob of the previous armor could transfer over to the next armor being previewed.
  • Separated the upgrades for the Mortar Rounds OC that accidentally changed the AOE bonus for the Neurotoxin Payload from +0.3 to 1.25%.
  • Fixed "magic hole" in Azure Weald not carving below floor height.
  • Boltshark "Expanded Special Quiver" upgrade not applied
  • Fixed issue with Hurricane and the new OC Cluster bombs. Reloading it and other weapons required multiple reload inputs
  • Prevent Glyphid Warden from buffing after death if its killed by being unfrozen.
  • Season 5 assignment 2 mission 4/5 has voicelines mixed up
  • Tweaked the explosion carver so it doesn't go bananas in Magma Caves.
  • Fixed Grabber kill cue voice and subtitle mismatches
  • Make the main carver on drillevator carve much larger chunk at a time, improving performance.
  • Drillevator Engine Optimizations
  • Drillevator Engines material now gets dirty / ruined when they break down
  • Added missing dwarf shout when one gets close to a resonance crystal
  • Added an option to disable the Tinnitus effect on big explosions. Found in Audio Settings.
  • Potential fix for: Turrets's ammo counter defaults to 515 rounds
  • [Crawler] Increased damage from 8 to 9, increased freeze and fire temperature thresholds
  • Further lowered freezing point for crawlers



PATCH NOTES – S05.01 June 14


Hello Miners,

We hope you are enjoying season 5! We couldnt leave for the weekend without a small patch to handle some of the biggest issues we have had since yesterday
With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew



  • Fixed clients Deep Scan Crystal scanner sometimes pointing to the Droppod location if the crystal was very far away.
  • Potential fix for a crash
  • Potential fix for a Drillevator audio crash
  • Fixed Normal Jetboots being able to spawn in Deep Scan mission, blocking improved jet bots, making it much harder to get out.


Those are the patch notes on June 21 for Deep Rock Galactic.

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