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Dead Island 2 Update Patch Notes May 14





Steam Hotfix 1.1 May 14

We are rolling out the new hotfix for the Steam version of the game. Dive into the details below:
  • Fixed various connectivity issues that may address some players' problems connecting to EOS
  • The game will now no longer force close during boot if it detects EOS is not installed.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that some players were reporting in relation to being offline, where it was taking longer than it should to check entitlements.
  • Various stability improvements.
If you are facing technical issues, please contact our customer support (click here) and we will investigate.


See You in HELL-A



Steam Hotfix v1.0 April 25



This hotfix specifically addresses an issue that some users have had with outdated/updating Epic Online Services.
However, it will not directly address other EOS related issue some users are reporting. We’re still trying to resolve that issue and will keep everyone updated as we know more.
Verifying steam game files will cause EOS to update to the latest version. We would suggest users do this even if they are not currently facing any issues.
For those users who have experienced issues with an EOS connection error, please ensure you have internet connection and verify the steam game files - in some cases this will rectify the issue. We are looking into other possible causes for this; If this or other issues persist, please submit contact customer support (click here) and we will investigate.
If after the hotfix - and file verification - users still find that their version of EOS has not updated, they will need to exit EGL (if it is installed), manually uninstall EOS, and then verify again. This will install the correct version of EOS.


See You in HELL-A


Those are the patch notes up through May 14 for Dead Island 2.

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