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Crusader Kings Update Patch Notes 1.12.4 Mar 27


Update 1.12.4

Hello everyone! Today we're releasing Update 1.12.4 to address some outstanding issues, as well as implement several changes to Legends and the Legends UI. Most of these changes are the direct result of community feedback we've received here on Steam and elsewhere over the past weeks; your feedback remains an invaluable tool for helping us improve Crusader Kings III, so thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and suggestions with us since the release of Legends of the Dead!


Update 1.12.4 Changelog


Game Content

  • Legend chapters will now change in response to the player's actions: winning a battle, a siege, being released from prison, taking the vows, a deceased spouse, a newborn child, etc.
  • Added more variations to legend titles.
  • You are now alerted when a new legend enters your realm.
  • Winning a Great Holy War now offers a chance to get a Holy Warrior legend seed.
  • Added a Legitimacy modifier to the "Writing History" perk.
  • "Shy" and "Reclusive" characters now have a higher Plague Resistance.
  • The capitals of rulers with high level Legends will now become Points of Interest to visit during travel.
  • Added a player Legend Library, which contains completed legends.
  • Legends in player Libraries will never fade, even if their bonus-giving reach has decayed to zero provinces.
  • Legends you own or were actively promoting are automatically added.
  • Completed legends that reached your domain are automatically added.
  • You can remove legends from your Library at will (beware that you might not be able to get them back!)
  • You can add distant completed Legends to your library if you are traveling in lands that the legend has reached.
  • Your Legend Library persists on inheritance / character switching.



  • Improved legend window interface - completed legends now take up less space.
  • Legend headers are directly clickable.
  • Legend list items now contain more information, such as the protagonist name, and start/completion date.
  • Legend chronicle window has a clearer scrollbar, and a nameplate for the protagonist.
  • Legend chronicle portrait animation is now based on chronicle type, and they are also animated - to remember them as they were in life.
  • Added ‘pan to legend’ button and right-click action for legend list items.
  • In the Legend List, promotion costs for legends you cannot promote are no longer shown.


Bug Fix

  • Fixed broken invalid obligations notification.
  • The "Royal Touch" event doesn't give out permanent Measles anymore.
  • Clarified the "Isolationist" cultural tradition to reflect its plague resistance.
  • Legend protagonist portraits no longer show characters in their nightgown, if they had the misfortune of dying while ill (dead protagonists from old savegames might still be in their nighties)
  • Fixed certain UI sounds to match levels from previous versions.
  • Observers get a nicer legend listing.


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