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Craftopia Update Patch Notes Apr 4

Pocketpair, makers of Palword, have another multiplayer survival action game that pre-dates their latest indie hit by a few years. Craftopia received a major update on March 14, and now has another smaller patch on April 4, in the studio’s ongoing effort to keep their games in running shape.

Below are the complete patch notes for update v20240401.1657


◆ Balance Adjustments

  • Adjusted the Life of ""Mithril Ore"" and ""High Mithril Ore"".


◆ Functional Improvements

  • Adjusted the hit box of physical attack of Magic Stuffs.
  • Vehicles will no longer be affected by Poison.
  • Added the descriptions of ""Submachine Gun II"" and ""Submachine Gun III"".
  • Improved the skill ""Piercing Light"" so it's now easier to hit enemies.
  • Improved the skill ""Fire Storm"" so it's now easier to hit enemies.


◆ Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that grasses were not rendered in the title scene.
  • We have introduced mitigations for the issue where the elevator in ""Wedge Tower"" would pass through the player.
    • *If the problem occurs again, please report the problem.
  • Fixed the bug that ""Large Life Potion"" and ""Large Mana Potion"" were considered as food.
  • Fixed the bug that you couldn't equip ""Giant Ring"" and ""Giant Amulet"".
  • Fixed the bug that ""Brainy Rotating Saws"" would stop working sometimes.
  • Changed the icon of ""Rare Scrap Parts"" to match with the ""Scrap Parts"" one since the ""Engine Parts"" one was used.
  • Fixed the bug that head equipment wasn't sometimes rendered properly when the game started.
  • Fixed the bug that ""Craft Connector"" would not use items from the nearest chest if it was connected to buildings that have multiple chests.
  • Fixed the bug that items would be duplicated when you installed multiple ""Droppers"" onto an operating ""Refinery"".
  • Fixed the bug that Pipeline would bend towards the ground.
  • Fixed the bug that rocks and flowers were sometimes rendered over buildings while deploying some buildings.
  • Fixed the bug that guest players in multiplayer couldn't interact with the terminal of ""Wedge Tower"" and some buildings sometimes.
  • Fixed the bug that the lever of the elevator that goes into the cave underground didn't work.
  • Fixed the bug that you would spawn at unexpected locations after you were buried in the quicksand in the ""Grinding Dungeon"" of ""Quicksand Labyrinth"".
  • We have introduced mitigations for the issue where players behave strangely when riding the elevator that goes down to the lower part of caves.


Those are the patch notes on April 4 for Craftopia on Steam PC.

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