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Counter-Strike 2 Update Patch Notes Build 13735017 Mar 14

Counter-Strike 2 has a new update to get set for the PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major, and here’s the details on it all

Counter-Strike 2 gets a new update in time for the PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major. Along with the Major’s Hub, there’s a new Viewer Pass of course.

As fixes go, the only thing mentioned is a tweak to the flames of the Molotov which would previously obscure the vision of a player, but not that of their adversary.



  • The Copenhagen Major Hub is now available. Visit the hub to purchase tournament items, play the Pick’Em Challenge and more.
  • Purchase a Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass to receive an upgradable Copenhagen 2024 Coin. With an active pass, you can upgrade your coin and earn extra souvenir packages by playing the Pick’Em Challenge. Additionally, you will show up on the Active Pass Leaderboard where you can compare your Pick’Em Challenge performance to your friends.
  • All players with Prime status can place Pick’Em picks for free! However, to complete challenges and earn rewards from an event stage, you will have to activate a Viewer Pass before that stage begins.



  • Adjusted molotov fire to address a case where a player who could see through fire could not be seen by their opponent.

PGL Copenhagen 2024

In December, hundreds of teams from around the world began their long journey to the first Counter-Strike 2 Major. Fighting through open, closed, and regional qualifiers–now only 24 remain. Tune in to the PGL Copenhagen Major on March 17th and watch the best Counter-Strike teams in the world battle for the title of Major Champion!

Today we’re shipping the all-new Copenhagen Major Hub, where you can find the Pick’Em Challenge, the Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass, Souvenirs, and (coming soon) Team and Player stickers. 50% of the proceeds from tournament items are shared with players and organizations.

Playing the Pick’Em Challenge with an active pass will give you a chance to upgrade your Copenhagen 2024 Coin and earn extra Souvenir Packages. You’ll also show up on the Active Pass Leaderboard, where you can compare your Pick’Em Challenge performance to your friends.

In the past, you needed an active pass to play the Pick’Em game. No more! Now, everyone with Prime status can place their picks for free. However, to complete challenges and earn rewards from each event stage, you’ll have to activate your pass before the stage begins.

So place your picks and get ready to cheer for your favorite teams. The PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major is almost here!


That’s it for the Mar 14 patch update for Counter-Strike 2 Build 13735017.

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