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Coral Island Update Patch Notes May 27





Hotfix v1.0-948 May 27

Hi Farmers,
We readjust some achievements to make it easier to understand.
More bugfixes and improvements for this release:


Achievements adjustments:

  • Coral Island’s Sweetheart: Reach heart 8 with all townies. Previously Reach heart 8 with all NPC. The change will made clear that you do not need to increase heart with Merfolk NPC to achieve this.
  • Multi-level Gifting: Give a gift to all townies. Previously Give a gift to all NPC. This will make clear you do not need to give a gift to Merfolk NPC to achieve this.
  • Legendary Farmer: Ship all items in the Produce Caught and Found categories in the Journal. Previously Ship all items in game. The change are made to make clear what needs to be shipped instead of just generic all.



  • Fix super coral museum assets disappearing in museum cutscene.
  • Fix bug where cancel errand confirmation still allowing you to navigate the UI instead of having confirm or cancel.
  • Fix oil press mesh issue.
  • Fix collision issues.
  • Fix one of DIY crafting cannot be completed.
  • Fix legendary farmer achievements cannot be completed.
  • Fix issue with hair mesh.
  • Fix ambiance sound missing after load game from pause menu.
  • Fixes NPC collisions issue (so they don't stand on top of the value)
  • Fixed touch garden causing crash if moved with architect desk.
  • Fix possible crash when save list is corrupted.
  • Fix underwear tops still seen over other clothes.
  • Fix soybean growth length text.
  • Fix typos on some NPC Dialogues.
  • Fix bamboo sanctuary doesn't show cutscene.
  • Fix Master Slime didn't show portrait.
  • Fix spooky lamp not working properly.
  • Remove POI in Nursery room.



  • Update more text for museum POI
  • Various UI improvements.
  • Add sandals to Balinese Kebaya and Safari Outfit
  • Change Macy's sofa from single to double size.
  • Adding whale sound when player wakes up underwater instead of roost.



We made the following mini-games easier:
  • Balap karung
  • Tug of war
  • Cow competition
  • Chicken competition
  • Bonk the skeleton
  • Smashing pumpkin
  • Match Pattern



  • Various translation improvements.


Best regards,
Stairway Team



Hotfix v1.0-947 March 31

Hi Farmers,
In this patch, we're implementing a "load save file from backup" feature to handle the very rare case where a save file becomes corrupted. You should now be able to view and load from backup save files.



  • Load from backup save files: We've added an option in Game Settings called "Show Backup." Once enabled on the Load Game page, this will display all the backup save files available.
  • Fixed auto chest causing crashes in the shed in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue where items couldn't be purchased in the Winter Fair store.
  • Fixed a problem in décor mode where some items couldn't be placed.



  • Various translation improvements.


Best regards,
Stairway Team


Those are the patch notes up through May 27 for Coral Island.

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