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Contraband Police Update Patch Notes May 9

A compilation of all 10.4.x patch notes thus far on May 9, for Contraband Police.

The latest patch notes are below, in descending order, from latest to oldest:





Update 10.4.8 May 9

  • Fixed drivers and companions levitating with outstretched arms after exiting the car.
  • Fixed issues with the ability to get out and move around the car.
  • Fixed issues with vehicles not responding to player controls while driving.
  • Fixed issues related to commissioner's dialogues on the second day of the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with drivers exiting the car through its interior.
  • Fixed an issue with two items appearing in the hands at the same time.
  • Fixed enemies disappearing after exiting the car during an outpost attack.
  • Fixed the companion's animation freeze with a drawn weapon after the outpost attack and shootout.
  • Fixed companion Sorokin not dying during the shootout in the tutorial.
  • Fixed issues related to Gavrilov's lamp.
  • Fixed stuck companion behavior during a patrol mission.
  • Fixed companions not shooting during side missions.
  • Fixed NPC panic behavior freeze.
  • Fixed Vlad's animation upon first encounter in the tutorial.
  • Fixed a typo on one of the posters.
  • Blocked the ability for a companion to follow the player to the Campaign Mission when he was previously locked in the car.
  • Blocked the ability to interact with companions while driving a car.
  • Blocked certain times when a companion's comment about bad driving was triggered.
  • Removed unnecessary "Apply" button from settings.
  • Added the ability to hand over prisoners brought on foot to the Labor Camp.
  • Restored the ability to move between front and rear seats in Zaved.
  • Increased the time between enemy attacks during side missions in Campaign and Endless Mode.
  • Changed the display of messages about the inability to fast travel.
  • Companions always appear next to the car after fast traveling.
  • NPCs in story missions do not become aggressive after being scared by gunfire in the area.
  • Bodies killed during outpost attacks always disappear when sleeping.
  • Enemies no longer have closed eyes in Kill Cam view.
  • Enemies don't stop their vehicles in Convoy missions when they begin to catch fire.



Update 10.4.7 April 23

  • Fixed game freeze after upgrading a dead companion.
  • Fixed inability to sleep.
  • Fixed inability to admit the next car into the inspection zone.
  • Fixed issue with lack of enemies during ambush.
  • Fixed issues related to Maximov's death.
  • Fixed issues related to border post attacks occurring during ambush.
  • Fixed issues related to purchasing and upgrading vehicles.
  • Fixed issues related to obtaining the "Merciful" achievement.
  • Fixed issues related to police officers shooting at fleeing NPCs.
  • Fixed grass not waving after loading the game.
  • Fixed weather not changing between days.
  • Fixed the ability to accept side missions while in a car with a companion.
  • Fixed the ability to view companion stories on the computer using a gamepad.
  • Fixed issues related to using fast travel with a captured fugitive.
  • Fixed a runaway being blocked due to an outpost attack.
  • Fixed inability to change and repair a car when a companion previously sat in it.
  • Fixed missing companion animations during interaction.
  • Fixed missing bartender animations during interaction.
  • Fixed levitating enemies in the Missing Person mission.
  • Fixed disappearing ambush icon on the map.
  • Fixed roadblocks not appearing after completing the Campaign Mode.
  • Fixed the saving of aiming sensitivity setting.
  • Fixed the visibility of the hint to pick up the newspaper when it has already been picked up.
  • Blocked the ability to exit the outpost beyond the Karikatka area.
  • Added missing characters in traditional and simplified Chinese.
  • Added the ability for NPCs to escape on foot during side missions in Endless Mode.
  • Added the ability to take companions on side missions in the Campaign Mode.
  • Added additional information about companion stories to the Companion Infographic.
  • Added the ability to travel with a companion in non-police vehicles.
  • Restored NPC talk animations during the Crime Scene mission.
  • Standardized the way interface windows are closed across all parts of the game.
  • Cuffed NPCs no longer follow the player while driving a car.
  • Choosing "Nevermind..." option during interaction with cuffed NPC no longer stops them from following.



Update 10.4.6 April 15

  • Fixed runaways getting stuck on environmental elements.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze when the day ends while inside a runaway's car.
  • Fixed newcomers getting stuck behind the border gate.
  • Fixed a bug causing slow escape on foot.
  • Fixed the continuous body movement of a killed escapee.
  • Added the ability to collect money from killed enemies even when the inventory is full.
  • Removed the ability to obtain the Bloody Bumper achievement when a fugitive is killed by a car other than the player's.
  • Removed the ability to open Sina's engine cover from outside the car.
  • Improved loading ranges for certain world areas.
  • Corrected reported translation errors.
  • Corrected the Steam description for the 'Fantastic Five' achievement.
  • Corrected the entrance door to the level 4 office.



Update 10.4.5 April 9

  • Fixed infinite loading.
  • Minor AI fixes.



Update 10.4.4 April 5

  • Fixed intro not progressing.
  • Fixed errors when enemies were throwing grenades.
  • Fixed companions stories (achievements await for all inspectors).
  • Fixed german, english companion stories formatting.



Update 10.4.3 April 4

  • Fixed vehicles broken lights that looked intact
  • Fixed possiblity to arrest dead bodies
  • Fixed multiple cases when companions could get stuck
  • Fixed locked AI in Contraband Drop mission
  • Fixed visible glitches when quickly zooming with sniper rifle
  • Fixed possiblity to repair or change vehicle while companion was entering
  • Fixed entry regulations for Sina
  • Fixed runaways and pursuit
  • Fixed numerous minor AI errors
  • Enemies don't target player's vehicle with grenades anymore



Update 10.4.2 April 2

  • Fixed infinite loading screen.
  • Fixed being unable to leave vehicle.
  • Fixed crashing cargo.
  • Minor AI fixes.
More in the coming days.



Update 10.4.1 March 29

  • Fixed trading with newcomers.
  • Fixed trading with Vlad.
  • Fixed Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai languages.
  • Fixed sniper rifle's magazine description in shop.
  • Fixed wrong cargo materials.


Those are the patch notes up through May 9 for Contraband Police.

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