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Warzone 2 Crown Faction Guide: How to Unlock Crown Missions

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2s highly anticipated Season 2 has just launched with tons of new content and game updates. This new content includes all-new faction missions and an entirely new faction in DMZ. This also means that faction mission progress in DMZ has been reset for all factions. Here is how to unlock the new Warzone 2 Crown Faction missions in DMZ.

Warzone 2: How to Unlock The New Crown Faction Missions in DMZ

With the launch of Season 2 of Warzone 2, DMZ gains a new faction for players to complete challenges for, the Crown Faction. Additionally, the other three factions have received sets of brand new missions, meaning previous progress on faction missions has been reset. The Crown Faction’s missions are locked behind completing the Tier 1 “Stronghold Reacquisition” White Lotus Faction mission first, but even that is locked. To unlock the White Lotus’ “Stronghold Reacquisition” mission, players need to complete 5 of the other 6 White Lotus Tier 1 Faction Missions. Remember that you can select up to three different Faction missions to work on simultaneously.

To unlock Warzone 2's Crown faction missions, complete the White Lotus missions first.

Here is a list of every Tier 1 White Lotus Faction Mission in Season 2:

  • Make Contact
      • Use your Tac-Map and ping a contract phone
      • Find a contract phone and download the intel
      • Successfully complete a contract
  • Hostiles Located
      • Ping 5 enemies
      • Kill 5 enemies
      • Pick up 1 weapon in a deployment
  • Cashier
      • Open a cash register
      • Acquire $10,000 in cash
      • Exfiltrate from a deployment
  • Information Seeker
      • Ping a UAV tower
      • Activate 2 UAV towers
  • Convenience
      • Ping a vehicle on the Tac-Map
      • Fully refuel and repair a vehicle at a gas station
      • Find and use a gas can from your backpack while in a vehicle to refuel it
  • Committed Shopper
      • Sell a valuable item at a buy station
      • Buy an item at a buy station
  • Stronghold Reacquisition (Need to complete 5 White Lotus missions to unlock)
    • Acquire a stronghold key
    • Clear a stronghold of enemy combatants
    • Extract the Legion deal intel found on a stronghold guard