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CoD Modern Warfare 2 Raid Guide: How to Start Raids

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has released its first ever Raid, Atomgrad EP. 01. Players who are eager to jump right in will need to slow down a bit as starting up a Raid is not so straightforward. Here is how to start a Raid in COD Modern Warfare 2.

How to Start a Raid in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

How to unlock the Atomgrad raid in Call of Duty MW2.

There are two requirements to complete before starting a Raid. First, you need to be playing in a party of yourself and two friends. There is no matchmaking for Call of Duty Raids and you can’t play with less than three players.

The second requirement is a bit more complicated. The party leader needs to have an available Raid Assignment. These work as keys allowing you to access the mode. Once activated, a Raid Assignment will remain active on your account for a week, so players will need to constantly stock up on Raid Assignments if they want to continue replaying the Raid.

How to Unlock a Raid Assignment in CoD Modern Warfare 2

As of the launch of the first ever Raid, CoD Modern Warfare 2 lists three specific ways players can unlock Raid Assignments, the items used to start raids:

  • In Warzone 2.0, place within the top 20 in any game mode.
  • In DMZ, use the final extract helicopter and exfil with at least $30,000 in Cash.
  • In Multiplayer/Co-Op, complete the specific Raid Assignment Daily Challenge (two available per day).

You can hoard as many Raid Assignments as you want! Just remember that each one will only last a week at a time.

How To Unlock the Veteran Difficulty Raid in CoD MW2

How to play the Atomgrad raid on veteran difficulty.

The Raid comes in two difficulties: Standard and Veteran. The Standard Raid is available to all players at launch; however, the Veteran difficulty Raid is locked. To unlock the Veteran Atomgrad EP. 01 Raid, players will need to complete the Standard difficulty version first, as the Veteran unlock is a reward for completing the Raid.