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CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Guide: How to Open the Submarine

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has released its first-ever Raid, Atomgrad EP. 01. Players will need to work together to complete the objectives, solve puzzles, and survive the onslaught of enemies to finish this Raid. Here is how to solve one of those puzzles, and how to open the submarine in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

CoD MW2: How to Solve the Submarine Puzzle & Open the Doors

How to open the submarine door in Warzone 2.

At the end of the intro area, you will find the submarine doors. To the right of them will be a small room with a number of pieces of equipment and another door that opens to a connected room with more equipment. This is our first puzzle, so let’s go over everything in these rooms and how to use them to open the submarine door in CoD‘s Atomgrad Ep. 01 raid.

The first piece of equipment in the first room is a monitor with a red screen and Russian characters on it. These characters are the key to the puzzle and you will need to use them to find correlating numbers with the CCTV monitors, the next piece of equipment in this room.

The CCTV monitors are located next to the red monitor and can be used to access multiple cameras around the facility. These will be used to find the characters from the red monitor and their correlating numbers to be entered in the next piece of equipment, the code sequence machine.

The code sequence machine is located to the right of the CCTV monitors in the first room. This machine is simple as all you’ll use it for is entering the numbers on the keypad for the code sequence.

Finally, there is a button at the end of the room, which is used to open the door into the next room. The next room has another set of CCTV monitors. To enter and exit this room, one player in the first room has to hold the button to open it, while another player crawls through.

With all the pieces explained, let’s solve this puzzle! Hold the button to the second room and have one player crawl through and hop on the CCTV monitors in the second room. Back in the first room, one player should read the characters on the red screen, while the other uses the CCTV monitors in this room. 

The code to get into the Submarine in the Atomgrad Ep. 01 raid in Modern Warfare 2.

Once the correlating numbers are found, one of the players should enter the numbers into the code sequence machine. If correct, an on screen indicator will let you know and announce that the player’s finger print has been added to the database. This means that whoever entered the code will not be able to enter anymore codes for the rest of the puzzle. 

This process repeats two more times, so each player will need to enter a code into the code sequence machine. Each time the process repeats, more characters will be added to the red screen; however, some of the characters are duds as you will still only be looking for three numbers, so the other characters won’t have correlating numbers to find on the CCTV monitors. Once three correct sequences are entered the submarine doors will open and you’ll be ready to progress in this CoD raid!