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Cities Skylines 2 Money Guide: How to Make Money Faster

Want to make money faster in Cities Skylines 2? Balancing your city’s budgetary needs is always going to be your biggest concern in a city simulator, and there are plenty of ways to rake in funds. This Cities Skylines 2 guide will list all the methods you have at your disposal to keep the city coffers filled.

How to Make Money Faster in Cities 2: Raise Taxes

Of course, this is the first thing you ought to do. While this is a quick fix to economic woes, you need to balance it out by ramping up the tax rate over a few months, rather than in one fell swoop. This is a careful balancing act as it can lead to unforeseen problems such as a mass exodus of businesses and residents, as well as widespread destitution and homelessness. Higher taxes should be a very short term fix to a negative monthly city revenue, and you should pivot to other solutions as soon as possible.

Cities Skylines 2 Money Guide: Services’ Budgets

Found under the Services tab, in the Economy menu, the budgets for every city service from Roads to Landscaping can be individually tweaked. While you can cut down heavily on expenses by reducing the budget for a given service, be aware that doing so leads to employee redundancy which in turn lowers that particular service’s performance or quality over a period of several months, which should give you some breathing room in the short term, but cannot be sustained over the long term without damaging Cim satisfaction with your city.

Parking Fees

That tried and true tactic, just like in real life, parking fee income should especially be your go to as of right now during the launch of the game, because you can comfortably impose the highest possible fee of $50 currently without any repercussions from Cims. Whether it is intentional design or simply a bug, doesn’t matter, but this applies to both roadside parking and lots.

Exporting Utilities: Make Money Fast in CS2

Cities run on the two most basic of needs–electricity and water, and if you have them in excess, some city somewhere else could do with their supply. Early on, Coal and Wind sources will suffice for generating electricity for export, but maximum efficiency for your operating costs will be achieved with a Geothermal Power Plant. Once you’ve set up the grid connections, funds will just trickle in with no further effort from you.

That is every way to game the system to make money faster in Cities Skylines 2. Check out our guide on how to address the “Not Enough Customers” issue in Cities Skylines II, which you’re sure to come across at some point in the game.