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Chrono Ark Update Patch Notes May 14

A compilation of the patch notes up through May 14 for Chrono Ark, in descending order, from latest to oldest:





Chrono Ark 1.0.16 bug fix May 14

  • Lucy Skin- Bug Fixed that couldn't buy 'cat costumes'
  • Some minor bug fixed



Chrono Ark 1.0.14 Bug Fix May 7

  • Helia (Fire Arrow): Fixed an issue where the game would freeze if there were no skills in the deck.
  • DLC Special Ticket: Modified so that if no item is obtained upon use, gold is refunded.
  • Campfire Recruitment: Fixed an issue where the skin could not be changed in the campfire character recruitment UI when using a gamepad.
  • Adjusted to create backup saves more frequently.
  • Fixed a bug where new players could not use the gamepad in certain conditions upon entering combat.



Chrono Ark 1.0.12 May 5

  • Dark Heal: Fixed an issue where this skill would damage allies if used while under an attack power increase buff.
  • Selena & Helia: Fixed a bug where they would suddenly die unexpectedly.
  • Sun Shard & Moon Shard: Fixed a bug where players could gain the effects without having both shards.
  • DLC: Fixed a bug where players could select student costumes without having completed the ending if they owned the DLC.



Chrono Ark 1.0.11 hotfix May 4

  • Fixed an issue where a black screen would appear when skipping the story in the game.
  • Fixed a bug where skin images would not display correctly under certain conditions.



Chrono Ark 1.0.10 hot fix May 4

  • Fixed an issue that a new player couldn't use the game pad.
  • When using the game pad, we have fixed the bugs and freeze that occur after several UI appeared.



Chrono Ark 1.0.7 Hotfix May 3

  • You can wear skin without achieving Friendship Level3
  • Fixed a phenomenon that shows a lot of cards with Solar Storm and Flame Arrow abnormally.



Chrono Ark 1.0.1 bug fix April 29



  • Fixed a bug where the game would freeze under certain conditions during phase 3 of the spoiler boss.
  • Fixed a bug where the controller was not working when entering combat.
  • Fixed a bug where the equipped gear would disappear when equipping new gear under specific conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where there was a long wait time immediately after entering phase 2 during the final boss fight in freemode.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.


Adjusted the Shiranui battle to add a 'key' as an additional drop reward.



Chrono Ark 1.0 April 26

Hello everyone. This is Hyung-Ju Lee, the director of Chrono Ark.

Chrono Ark has been updated from Early Access to version 1.0!


Main Update Features


Added Ending

The split ending has been added.
There is another path waiting for you in the main story.
What end awaits Lucy and the Investigators?


New Boss ‘Shiranui’

A new boss 'Shiranui' has been added.
This boss requires you to defeat the Forgotten King at least 1 time to unlock. She is a boss that can replace Stage 2-1's Joker or Parade Tank.
Like Sir Dorchi, this boss requires you to visit a specific event object to encounter.
She is a challenging boss, so make sure you're well-prepared!


New Event Object ‘Popcorn Stand’

By visiting the Stage 2-1 random event 'Popcorn Stand', you can meet the new Popcorn Girl!




  • Added 7 new Records
  • When turning on 'No place for nerds' option, the standing CG for dialogue will also be replaced.
  • Added a new option that reverts the battle BGM of a specific boss (vocals soundtrack) to the previous version.
  • Added 'Colorblind Mode' to make it easier to discern which skills have Swiftness.
  • Sizz - Added VFX for 'Incise'.
  • Huz - Added VFX for 'Crack!'.
  • Challenges - Removed 'Heals are Attacks, Attacks are Heals' Challenge. Added 'All Random' Challenge.
  • Added Gamepad Option - To use Gamepad, you now need to turn on the Gamepad option in the Options menu. This was added because certain non-Gamepad users were softlocked due to the game registering Gamepad inputs for an unknown reason.
  • [Japanese]
  • Greatly improved story text.
  • Shoutouts for yukinofu for proofreading!





  • Crown of Thorns
    • Healing Power 15% -> 20%
    • Maximum Health 0 -> 5
    • Faint Resist 22% -> 40%


  • Light Priest's Clothing
    • Removed.



  • Fresh Milk
    • Reworked effect.
  • Azar : Reduced damage of Ultimate Blade Starfall.
  • Program Master : Now uses a special attack once when health is reduced by a certain amount. (Free Mode only)



Pharos Leader
  • Complete Obedience debuff : Added Evade -300%.


  • Unlock condition reduced from 7000 Gold to 5000 Gold.


  • Guardian Angel
    • Reworked effect.


  • Soul Stigma
    • Reworked effect.


  • Overcharged Shot
    • Upon cast, the stored damage is now halved instead of reset.


  • Restrained Healing - Removed.
  • Pain Equals Happiness! - Added Swiftness


  • Rampage - Cost 2->3



  • Johan Lightning Shot - Fixed an issue where the displayed damage was different from the actual damage.
  • Fixed an issue where casting VFX skills on multiple enemies would result in multiple character sprites appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies were rarely displayed as white images.
  • Fixed an issue where you could see dead enemies' skills in the Casting List.
  • Fixed an issue where 'instakill' skills could kill Trial enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Sun Shard, Moon shard's effect text was displayed wrong.
  • Fixed an issue where Bomber Clown's unlock UI had no text.
  • Fixed an issue where the main menu's camera would sometimes go up.


‘Summer Twilight’ DLC Store Page is now open!

Summer Twilight Store Page
The store page for the 'Summer Twilight' DLC is now open! It will be out along with May 3rd's Official Release.
Add it to your wishlist if you want to receive a notification on its release!


Here's what's included in Summer Twilight!


Those are the patch notes through May 14 for Chrono Ark.

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