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Captain Of Industry Update Patch Notes May 31

A compilation of all 0.6.x patch notes thus far on May 31, for Captain of Industry, the resource and business management simulator.

The latest patch notes are below, in descending order, from latest to oldest:





Patch notes for v0.6.4c May 31

  • Fixed a rare issue resulting in corrupted save file error regarding missing IResolver dependency.



Patch notes for v0.6.4b May 27

  • Fixed a rare issue on load showing errors like "Failed to resolve IMapCacheManager".



Patch notes for v0.6.4a May 25

  • Fixed vehicle path-finding that was sometimes not being able to find the shortest path and was returning longer ones.
    • On average, the length of paths taken by trucks is 4% shorter and takes 15% less steps to find.



Patch notes for v0.6.4 May 17



  • Added map-data-cache feature that speeds up game loads by around 2x (more speedup for weaker CPUs).
    • New Haven map load went from 12 to 7 sec, Armageddon from 30 to 15 sec (on i9-13900 CPU).
    • This was achieved by loading cached map data instead of generating terrain from scratch.
    • Map cache is created and saved on the first game load so speedup will be only noticeable on subsequent loads.
    • All games that share the same map version will share its cache.
    • At most 5 map caches are stored at one time.
    • This feature can be disabled with --disable-map-cache launch option.
    • This change also reduces the probability of game crashes due to high CPU load on systems that are sensitive to this.
  • Improved saving algorithm of terrain tile data, reducing raw save file size by ~2x. The effect on final compressed file size is smaller, around 15% savings.
    • This change resulted in significant memory and time savings during saves and made map cache smaller and faster to load.
    • Map data cache of the Armageddon map went from 160 MB to 66 MB (before compression).
    • This change also reduces the chance of encountering out-of-memory errors during game saving when the system is low on memory.
  • Settlements can now have custom surfaces which cover the original paths.
  • Game speed is now saved.
  • Spam-clicking the start game button no longer makes the in-game escape menu unclickable.
  • Fog now renders properly for liquid evaporators and vehicle particles.
  • FPS limit was removed from the loading screen to eliminate idle time where the game is waiting for the next step but the renderer is also waiting for the next frame due to the FPS cap.
  • Improved visuals of dust particles on terrain and behind vehicles.
  • Vehicle dust and exhaust particles now do not spawn when the camera is too far from them.
  • Vehicles now spray water instead of dust during rain.
  • Dust behind vehicles is now emitted even on concrete surfaces in small amounts.
  • Fixed excessive dust emitted when the mega excavator was turning in-place.


Map editor

  • Optimized the "Writing generated data" step which used to take up to 60 seconds on large maps, now it’s nearly instant (speedup of over 1000x).
  • Fixed missing reference list of noise functions.
  • Fixed error window that did not show errors when first displayed.



Patch notes for v0.6.3b May 8

  • Single-copied lifts now go back to the first construction phase if placed with down while holding Ctrl.
  • Custom surfaces can no longer be placed under water.
  • Fixed a rare terrain generation issue during game load that could result in map being loaded as brand new without any terrain modifications.
  • Improved bush textures to make them more visible against grass.
  • Slightly increased sun shadows intensity.
  • Added checksum save file verification before loading a game to detect externally corrupted files.
  • Further work-arounds for saving issues on mac when playing via CrossOver.
  • Fixed arithmetic overflows that could occur with extreme settings of terrain features in the map editor.
  • Fixed rare path-finding when the goal was hard to reach and exactly at 10 tiles height difference.
  • Fixed jitter on fluid cargo module pipes.
  • Fixed camera rendering distance when loading its position from a saved slot.
  • Fixed ocean rendering that could have cracks where it was possible to see under the ocean.
  • Fixed a rare vehicle depot state where it believed that vehicle should be upgraded but vehicle itself did not intend to be upgraded.
  • Fixed that pressing Enter on the main screen kept opening new window instances.
  • Windows no longer accept input when in fade-out transition.
  • Fixed farm popup that was showing locked crops.
  • Fixed tree harvester that could be showing "no tree to harvest" when out of fuel.
  • Fixed rare issues with inability to instantiate Audio Manager.
  • Fixed glass on highest greenhouse tier.
  • Fixed smoke particles that were showing square artefacts in rainy weather.



Patch notes for v0.6.3a April 24

  • Added a workaround for Mac users using CrossOver who were experiencing `IOException: Success` on game save. Bug was reported to the CrossOver team.
  • Step limit of the vehicle path finder now scales with its internal job queue size. This helps to restore logistics quicker when it gets overwhelmed.
  • Added console command `set_max_steps_per_tick_for_vehicle_path_finder` that allows manually increasing the PF processing throughput (only for extreme players).
  • Vehicle navigation jobs now show more info about where they go.
  • Additional fix to the You Shall Not Pass map back-start to have immediate access to trees.
  • Leveling designations now show colors correctly on designations not ready to be fulfilled.
  • Fixed sandstone non-corner edges.
  • Fixed surface vertical faces to show correct surface type.
  • Fixed ocean coastline that was sometimes jagged.
  • Fixed blast furnace 2 preview that was all white.



Patch notes for v0.6.3 April 23

  • Improved You Shall Not Pass map backdoor-start by providing access to trees.
  • Tree saplings can be now shredded into biomass.
  • Game can no longer be exited when (auto)save is in progress.
  • Contract profit increase (difficulty setting) is now properly applied.
  • Fixed save file writing procedure that could in rare circumstances result in incompletely written save files.
  • Added checksums to all game save and map files.
  • Saving was made more robust by checking checksums of written files and displaying errors when any issue is detected.
  • Save file overwrite only happens when the new save was successfully written and checksum was verified. If checksum check fails, both new and old files are kept and an error message is displayed.
  • Save files that fail to be fully written (e.g. due to insufficient disk space) are now deleted.
  • Fixed a rare save issue when tile surface command was in queue to be executed.
  • Fixed issue where an excavator could not find a path to an unfulfilled designation in tight space that should have been accessible.
  • Trucks should no longer return back to mines when partially loaded, they will unload completely first.
  • Improved stuck vehicle notification to trigger sooner.
  • Further improved vehicle recovery logic to prevent vehicles crawling on cliffs.
  • Fixed settlements that kept giving unity bonuses even when supply of household goods was stopped.
  • Fixed incorrect total stats for health and unity.
  • Trucks no longer load more than their capacity when clearing surfaces.
  • Fixed issue where truck replacing a surface would override a previous surface that was not cleared yet, making the original surface products lost.
  • Trucks now don’t get a surface placement job if the surface costs more than what they have.
  • Fixed case where storage would not provide products to upgrade another storage that was connected to it.
  • Storage truck export is now not disabled if it gets connected to an unbuilt storage.
  • Fixed vehicles refueling from storages that are set to import.
  • Product notification settings are now copied when cloning a config for the Ore sorter.
  • The "Cannot deliver" notification is now cleared right after the truck gets cleared.
  • Ship order buttons were moved to the top of the world map settlement window.
  • Fixed issues when regenerating an area outside of map in the map editor.
  • Fixed tree harvester visual issues when cutting trees on a slope.
  • Fixed ready-to-fulfill check for leveling designations based on the job that is asking, to match mining and dumping designations logic.



Patch notes for v0.6.2a April 16

  • Improved operation of the Ore sorter to not get stuck by a single resource.
    • Sorter no longer accepts deliveries that contain products which have full output buffers.
    • Sorter will continue to sort other materials even if some output buffers are full.
  • Added a new command line argument that can limit maximum used threads for the terrain generation.
    • This can be used as a work-around when games are unable to load or getting stuck on terrain generation.
    • Use `--terrain-gen-threads 1` in Launch Options on Steam to enable this (you can also try different values such as 2 or 4).
  • Added `clear_all_goals_permanently` console command that can be used to permanently delete all current and future goals.
  • Any obsolete goals are now removed after game load.
  • Improved stuck vehicle auto-recovery behavior.
  • Fixed trucks that would never mark excavators unreachable if those trucks were never idle before.
  • Improved surfaces and decals rendering to remove artifacts, seams, and blurriness.
  • Vehicles now ride properly on custom surfaces, instead of on the terrain below them.
  • Fixed rendering of loose material pile on overfilled trucks.
  • Pushed fog clipping plane back to fix fog rendering on AMD GPUs.
  • Fixed issues related to transports that span more than 127 height units.
  • Fixed resource bars that would get into bad state when all resource bars were disabled.
  • Reduced power consumption of conveyor lifts from 4 kW per height-delta to 2 + 2 kW * delta.
  • Conveyor lifts now properly recompute their internal buffer on flip to never be a bottleneck.
  • Flip of conveyor lifts on hover is now disabled when the inspector is open to prevent double-flip.
  • Fixed conveyor lift highlight on flip.



Patch notes for v0.6.2 April 14

  • Research changes
    • Farm is now unlocked from the start.
    • Merged loose storage research into mining research.
    • Merged vehicles management I into advanced logistics.
    • Merged flywheel research in power production II.
    • Merged tree harvester II research into large vehicles.
  • Goals changes
    • Goals can no longer be disabled in new games.
    • Added a button to collapse all goals into a single header per each.
    • Redesigned goals so that lots of them are not blocked by ship exploration or trading.
    • Removed the goal to stockpile wood and buy bricks for wood, instead requiring to buy bricks for iron.
  • Added a quick trade to buy bricks for iron.
  • Added 11 new decal symbols.
  • Conveyor lifts can be now directly connected to balancers and sorters.
  • Ore sorter's buffers and throughput now scale with trucks overloading edicts.
  • The "out of fuel" notification is no longer shown if the vehicle already goes for fuel.
  • Fixed world map mines that would keep mining when resources get depleted.
  • Fixed trucks that would prioritize ore sorter over their tower's own dumping designations.
  • When assigning a truck, prioritize an empty one.
  • Tree planters now prefer to plant trees close to the forestry tower.
  • Bloom effect was clamped to avoid overblown bloom regions due to too high color intensity values, sometimes appearing due to driver issues.
  • Increase transport max terrain penetration from 0.1 to 0.2 tiles.
  • Creating settlement refunds removed custom surface cost.
  • Molten channels can be completed in open elevated space.
  • Fixed a lag between load/quit game and loading screen appearing.
  • Fixed that loans could go into negative in rare cases.
  • Removed picking highlight from cut tool that was being left behind.



Patch notes for v0.6.1 April 10

  • Improved performance of resource bars overlay, they will show-up 10x faster now. This also improves performance when toggling visibility of individual resources.
  • Slightly increased rewards for goal completion (tutorial), from refugees, and from the world map.
  • Initial rewards from the world map now also include iron and copper scraps.
  • Increased maximum initial loan amount.
  • Maximum initial loan amount now scales with loan duration so that more can be borrowed for longer loan durations.
  • Quick-trade cooldown is now shorter with each level of price increase so that paying a higher price will allow purchasing more products.
  • The Trade tab is now the first tab in the trade window.
  • Navigation overlay is now shown by default when a stuck vehicle is selected.
  • Diesel storages with an import slider set to import fuel are now allowed to refuel vehicles.
  • Tree harvester inspector was made wider to fit all truck types.
  • The current game is now pre-selected in the load game window.
  • Added shortcuts overlay when tools are active in the map editor
  • Stumps from cut trees that are on mining designations will get properly registered for clearing by excavators.
  • Surfaces are no longer removed by other entities that did not place them (e.g. pipes over buildings).
  • Fixed building validation layer that was not visible in some cases on large maps.
  • Fixed trees miss-alignment when tree harvester cut down trees while standing on non-flat surface.
  • Placing a farm from a blueprint now properly filters-out locked food types.



Patch notes for v0.6.0d April 8

  • Added decals for the letters A-Z.
  • Quick build actions are no longer available for pumps and vehicle depots.
  • Fixed issues with refueling of vehicles if the last fuel station in the game got removed.
  • Fixed crops rendering on T1 farms. Finally you will be able to see all the potatoes!
  • Fixed and improved mod selection and propagation.
  • Fixed inconsistent line breaks in non-English languages.
  • Fixed dropdown that should have been tabs in the main menu for languages with symbols (like Chinese).
  • Unreachable goals are clear when a vehicle is recovered. This will skip the waiting period and the vehicle can get to work sooner.
  • Save name field is now focused right after opening the save game window.



Patch notes for v0.6.0c April 7

  • Fixed curb rendering on tiles with decals.
  • Fixed hydrogen excavator that would not go for fuel when there were only diesel fuel stations assigned with trucks.
  • Fixed hydrogen excavator that would not get fuel from hydrogen station if its tower was assigned only with diesel fuel stations.



Patch notes for v0.6.0b April 7

  • Added a shortcut key to flip direction for transport and lift (bound to flip entity shortcut, F by default).
  • Added product name tooltips for resources display panel.
  • Improved start #1 on Armageddon map (only available in new games):
    • Added a small coal deposit closer to the starting location
    • Added an extra cargo/trading dock space near start.
  • Added serial terrain generation fallback if parallel generation fails to avoid the game not being able to start.
  • Improved game name verification to avoid potential issues with game saving (e.g. Windows does not support directory names ending with a period).
  • Ore sorter’s single product restriction is now properly copied when using the copy tool.
  • Fixed that clicking "Continue" in the main menu to continue a game with mods would not work in some cases.
  • Fixed that games with an empty game name were incorrectly ending up in the "Saves" sub-folder.
  • Fixed that research difficulty and mining yield difficulties were not applied in some cases.
  • Fixed that machine would not disable "output full" notification in rare cases.
  • Fixed loading bar that was sometimes a little too eager to hit 100%.
  • Fixed custom surface decals rendering artifacts.



Patch notes for v0.6.0a April 5

  • Updated easy and medium starting locations on some maps to include even more space for trading/cargo docks near coast (only available for new games).
  • Armageddon start 2# now has starting crude oil closer (only available for new games).
  • Map editor now properly validates all starting locations on publish, even if they were invalidated after their placement.
  • Fixed rare cases of fixed-point numbers overflowing and divisions by zero.
  • Fixed rare exception on confirm button click.


Those are the patch notes up through May 31 for Captain of Industry.

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