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Call To Arms – Gates Of Hell: Ostfront Update Patch Notes V1.039.0 HotFix Mar 19 2024

The March 19, 2024 hotfix for Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront patches some bugs and glitches

A fairly small hotfix for Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront is out now on March 19, 2024 dealing with minor bugs and crashes. The complete patch notes are detailed below.


Update 45: V1.039.0 HotFix
Change Log
  • Fixed crash introduced in last update V 1.038.0 during cuts scenes on some missions
  • Adjusted volume levels and fade distances of explosions, cannon and gun shot sounds to be more balanced
  • Fixed sync issue with humans in online modes when prone, give build fortification order, and change stance to stand
  • Fixed missing road terrain type on MP map 4v4_fields
  • Fixed missing texture for stretcher human
  • Fixed dcg_atzerath_valley to use winter weathers instead of summer environments
  • Fixed amphibious vehicles not following move orders when in water
  • Fixed euro road signs collision and destruction
  • Fixed 150mm HE shells not playing explosions FX when hitting certain terrain types while raining weather
  • Fixed USA smoke shells for cannons/tank guns not playing FX on impact
  • Fixed "low quality" track animation error of ft-17, vickers 6t and t26e
  • Fixed one of the officer talks in intro(officer/03) would double or triple play on GER Mission 2 "Back to Square One"
  • Fixed "assign2_crew" not set to user on USA Mission 8 "Christmas Trouble"
  • Fixed lose condition for "town" area on GER West Mission 5 "The Bloody Ardennes"


That’s all there is to the V1.039.0 hotfix on March 19 for Call To Arms – Gates Of Hell: Ostfront on PC.

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