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Call of Duty MW3 Transfer Guide: What Carries Over from MW2?

Any MW2 player looking forward to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is probably wondering one thing: what items will carry over to the new game? It’s tough when iterative titles don’t allow you to carry over any microtransactions you’ve bought, including Operators, Blueprints, and Bundles. We’ll be outlining what carries over to MW3 below.

What Carries Over from MW2 to MW3?

Good news for MW2 players, as almost all of your cosmetics and items will transfer to MW3. This is fantastic news following the transitions between previous Call of Duty titles. In years past, this was not a feature allowed. This is a new step forward for the Call of Duty franchise. The following items will carry over from Modern Warfare 2 to MW3:

  • Weapons
  • Operators
  • Camos
  • Bundles
  • Seasonal Cosmetics
  • COD Points

What Will Not Carry Over to MW3?

Unfortunately, there are multiple items that will not carry over to MW3. Luckily, the major ones transfer over, so you won’t lose any of your purchases to the prior year’s game. Here are the items that will not come to MW3.

  • MW2/Warzone 2 Level
  • Vehicle Skins

The reason for the Vehicle Skins not transferring is the difference in modes between the two games. As for the leveling system, most people expected this. The max level in MW2, 1250, is expected to stay the same for MW3. Activision needs to keep an incentive for people to keep playing. It’s also worth noting that any leveling or progress made in the Modern Warfare 3 Beta will not transfer to the main game. Beta rewards, however, will be available on Day 1. This includes the Operator, Weapon Blueprint, and other miscellaneous rewards that were handed out to beta testers.

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