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Call of Duty MW3 Third Person Guide: How To Play 3rd Person

Call of Duty MW3 brings back third-person mode, allowing players to finally admire their own operator and any skins they’ve unlocked. While limited to Zombies at this time, it may well be possible that 3rd person eventually makes its way to Multiplayer, perhaps in rotating playlists or a season update, though nothing is certain as of yet. Find out how to switch camera perspectives in this Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 guide.

How To Switch To Third-Person On Controller in MW3

Holding down on the <Down> button on the D-Pad will switch perspectives smoothly and instantly at any time during gameplay.

How To Switch To Third-Person With Mouse & Keyboard

Press Esc to access the Pause menu, and switch between first-person and third-person on the right.

3rd Person FOV Settings in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

The field of view settings for the third-person camera can be found in:

  • Settings
  • Graphics
  • View Tab
  • Field Of View Section
  • 3rd Person Field Of View

The slider has a fairly large range, but keep in mind that an overly wide FOV will impact performance and frame rate.

Note that there isn’t a scope view for weapons at all from the third-person perspective, unlike games like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You will have to rely entirely on the onscreen reticle for aiming in this mode. Your best bet is to lean on third-person for map traversal, and switch swiftly back to first-person when zombie guts hit the fan.

At this time, there is an occasional glitch while switching perspectives, leading to your operator being headless, though this is a purely graphical bug and has no impact on your ability to massacre zombies.

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