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Uh oh! You've reached a glitched section of Hard Drive where the news is real! Update Patch Notes May 23





Hotfixes for v0.32 Released

Greetings everyone,
We've release a number of hotfixes intended to address some of the reported issues after the release of version 0.32. You can find all the details in the changelog below:




(May/23, 2024)



  • Autobello Piccolina
    • Fixed wrong model years on Baja Extreme configuration
    • Fixed incorrectly placed right mirror origin
  • Bruckell Bastion
    • Fixed wrong cargobox strap deform groups on rear seats
  • Bruckell LeGran
    • Fixed trunk opening/closing issues with some spoilers
  • Civetta Scintilla
    • Fixed seat cargo load box syntax error
  • ETK 800-Series
    • Improved stability of widebody doors to match the normal doors
  • ETK I-Series
    • Improved stability of mirrors
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Added log straps
    • Fixed issues with logs clipping with bed when high log diameter set
  • Gavril T-Series
    • Added lights to headache rack
    • Removed the ability to remove interior completely
    • Fixed mixer controls not working when default ignition state in settings is Off
    • Fixed duplicate stock ECU
  • Hirochi Aurata
    • Added cargo load box support
  • Hirochi SBR4
    • Added seat cargo boxes
  • Ibishu BX-Series
    • Added remaining parts to derby configs
    • Fixed duplicate flexbodies in sport intake
    • Fixed dynamic decals not working on aftermarket parts
    • Fixed brake booster position on LHD/RHD dashboards
    • Fixed some issues in the engine bay
    • Implemented improvements for arcade mode shift point
    • Implemented cooling improvements
    • Fixed steerig breaking too easily with some 14x8 wheels
    • Fixed typo in rear bumper trim
  • Ibishu Hopper
    • Fixed headlight flares position
    • Added seat cargo boxes
  • Ibishu Pigeon/Wigeon
    • Made steering wheel prop move equal amount left/right (note, physical steering itself is now not symmetrical, car will turn more to one side than the other)
  • Soliad Lansdale
    • Fixed wrong lettering on 3.8 SE AWD (A) configuration
    • Fixed simple traffic variant deforming itself on normal driving, causing it to stop randomly in traffic
  • Common
    • Off-road lights
      • Fixed some offroad roof light props being inverted
    • Simplified traffic cars
      • Fixed duplicate triangles on some cars
  • Trailers
    • Converted all trailers to use the new landing gear system from log trailer
    • Fixed missing weight info in UI
    • Fixed inverted landing gear control key bindings
    • Container Trailer
      • Stiffened 40ft bogie
    • Flatbed trailer
      • Fixed console warnings on short trailer with steel coil
      • Fixed rear 20t steel coil spinning when loaded on some configurations
      • Reduced bogie autocoupling radius to prevent damage related to another issue
      • Fixed wrong light prop positions on 32ft variant
    • Log Trailer
      • Reduced maximum allowed log length to prevent issues with clipping and breaking straps
    • Tanker Trailer
      • Fixed wrong kingpin height on long variant
      • Fixed default config not existing
  • Props
    • Logs prop
      • Fixed literally unplayable ™ typo



  • Johnson Valley
    • Fixed duplicated materials
    • Fixed console warnings
  • Jungle Rock Island
    • Fixed console warnings
  • Common
    • Fixed several bugs on materials and meshes
    • Fixed some decals position
    • Fixed a number of floating objects



  • Updated prefab for AI Race mission: Wild West Trails
  • Added Finish and Outro camera path elements in the Missions editor for AI Races


Virtual Reality

  • Fixed a crash to desktop when using a Varjo VR headset with the native OpenXR support. In addition, if you experience a gray screen when using SteamVR, please update to the latest version of Varjo software


AI & Traffic

  • Made further improvements to the respawn logic


World Editor

  • Interface: replaced a few icons of the ScriptAI tool for more user-friendly ones


Flowgraph Editor

  • Play ScriptAI Recording node: Fixed ScriptAI data not loading if the input string contains an extension


Game Engine

  • Resource Checker: Fixed issues with false positives when file extension was missing from texture path




(Apr/24, 2024)



  • Bruckell Bastion
    • Fixed trunk not opening with Nomi wing
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Added log loads
  • Gavril H-Series
    • Fixed wrong rear load slot name on extended variant
    • Added log loads
  • Gavril T-Series
    • Fixed cement mixer halogen light deformmaterial
  • Hirochi Sunburst
    • Revised steering geometry to avoid over centering effect when reversing at full lock
  • Ibishu BX-Series
    • Added “Drag” skin
    • Updated “Drag (A)” config
    • Added “Old Paint” skin
    • Added “The Malodorous (M)” config
    • Added bash bars and other derby parts
    • Fixed wrong shifter on street tuned config
    • Moved horn slot to dashboard to fix sound location conflict with shifter
    • Fixed typo in radio blanking plate name
    • Fixed no texture odometer on traffic variants
    • Fixed coupe taillights having no collision triangles
    • Fixed non-centered brake discs with drift suspension
    • Fixed literally unplayable ™ bumper trim
  • Trailers
    • Frameless Dump Trailer
      • Fixed typo in Dump Body Hydraulics part name
    • Log Trailer
      • Fixed typo in short trailer config description
  • Props
    • Logs Prop
      • Lowered minimum length allowed in Tuning menu
  • Common
    • Fixed some typos in description of BX-series
    • Added explanation to drift config description about how the mirrored livery is intentional, reflecting (hah) the IRL japanese/drifting culture trend, rather than being a bug



  • West Coast, USA
    • Fixed collision issue in Logistic garage buidling
    • Fixed collision on railway bridge
    • Fixed glass material
  • East Coast, USA
    • Fixed tree eating car
  • Small Island
    • Fixed spiky terrain
  • Common
    • Fixed annotations on all maps



  • Fixed an issue that prevented Steam username to be displayed on license plates
  • Fixed mission markers showing sometimes even when the setting was disabled
  • Increased the size of left panel in Garage
  • Improved Options layout to support long titles from localisation
  • Vehicle selector counter now respects Aux checkbox
  • In old vehicle configuration Tuning, Live updates option now saves its state
  • Icon color and size handling improvements
  • New Vehicle Configuration UI
    • Improved numerical order in dropdowns of Parts selector
    • Implemented filtering on Save&Load when entering a name
    • Fixed an error when switches being interactive when disabled
    • Tuning now respects "hideInUI" parameter
    • Live update option now saves its state in Parts selector and Tuning
    • Parts selector UI improved
    • Save&Load thumbnail checkbox now functional
    • Dropdown built-in search now shows "not found" message
    • Tuning now has everything sorted



  • Crash Camera
    • Fixed camera getting triggered by pooled inactive traffic vehicles
    • Lowered cooldown between two triggers of the crash camera
    • Fixed issue where changing the camera reset the cooldown
    • Fixed broken interaction when recovering vehicle while the crash cam is active


Early Preview: Career Mode

  • Fixed several minor localization issues
  • Fixed tutorial out of bounds check not working properly in some cases
  • You can now “give back” trailers when delivering them
  • Improved delivery screens “locked” messages
  • Fixed milestones breaking the game in some cases
  • Improved Progress and Milestone pages visuals
  • Career Branches Landing UI facelift
  • Made branch skill cards look more clickable with mouse pointer
  • Milestones screen adjustments
  • Career Progress landing adjustments
  • Focus and hover styles update for the career Branch Progress Landing



  • Fixed wrong calculation for minimum respawn distance
  • Small performance improvements



  • Changed muffling values of new i4 1600 and 2000 to 0.33 from 0.25, and re-balanced volumes between the different RPM loops.
  • Reduced volume of “low air pressure alarm”


World Editor

  • Added Vehicle Detail Viewer (Window → Experimental → Vehicle detail viewer)



  • Fixed rare crash when using Vulkan renderer
  • Improved behaviour of Vulkan renderer during OOM situations (out of memory)
  • Fixed crash when using Vulkan renderer after minimize the game window



  • Fixed triangle visualization breaking with “loose tires”


Those are the patch notes on May 23 for

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