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Backpack Battles Update Patch Notes 0.9.2c Mar 25 Balatro Bundle

Breakout hit Backpack Battles is still in Early Access, and the developers have released another update and a bundle with Balatro on March 25

Backpack Battles bundles up with fellow fan favorite Balatro, as both titles continue dominating the Steam Most Played charts just weeks since their individual releases. To commemorate this event, the bundle is 10% off, and Backpack Battles itself patches in a Balatro themed cosmetic and Jimbo in this 0.9.2c update on March 25, 2025.

The full update notes are below.


Backpack Battles is bundling up with Balatro!
Coming with a new Playing Card & Reaper Outfit!

We have a special surprise for you today!


Backpack Battles Update Patch Notes 0.9.3 Mar 29


Can’t Put It Down!

To celebrate our participation in Steam's Deckbuilders Fest, we collaborated with Balatro for the "Can't Put it Down" bundle - and it's live now! Get both Backpack Battles and Balatro for a 10% discount - or complete the bundle if you already own one of the games.


Balatro is a roguelike deckbuilder where you play illegal poker hands, discover game-changing jokers, and trigger adrenaline-pumping, outrageous combos. We love it!


Jimbo is here!

That's why we decided to add our version of Balatro's most prominent Joker Jimbo to Backpack Battles:

Jimbo is a Playing Card, which means you can buy him in the shop when you play as Reaper and have a Deck of Cards in your inventory. His effect changes based on the cards before him in the card chain - you need sets of two, three, or four of the same playing cards. To make the most use of him, place him late in the card chain and count the number of pairs, triplets, and quads.


Harlequin Reaper Outfit

And that's not all - this update also comes with a new Poker-themed outfit for the Reaper - dress her up as Harlequin! As always, you can unlock it in the Wardrobe with trophies, and mix-and-match it with the other outfits!

Both Jimbo and the outfit are part of version 0.9.2c which is live now!


Backpack Battles Update Mar 25 Changelog 0.9.2c

  • NEW ITEM: Jimbo
  • New outfit for the Reaper


  • Fixes:
    • Death Scythe now affects Belladonna’s Shade
    • Armored Courage Puppy can no longer be blocked by Sun Shield and Moon Shield
    • Potential fix for combat log appearing at random positions, let us know if it still happens
    • Fixed items not lighting up when grabbed from a distance from storage box
    • Pyromancer’s first Chibi skin now shows the correct icon


Backpack Battles Update Patch Notes 0.9.2 Mar 22


That’s everything in the bug fix and bundle update 0.9.2c on March 25 for Backpack Battles on Steam PC.

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