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ASKA Update Patch Notes June 22





ASKA Hotfix – 1300 CEST, 22-JUN-24

Askarians: we have heard your concerns, and today roll out the following fixes:
  • Fixed AI issue where the Bear wouldn't retreat after its initial invasion attempt
  • Fixed Cook behaviour for when a fire burns out during the cooking process
  • Fixed an issue with Sled and Cart physics around Cave entrance
  • Players can now join their Friends' multiplayer sessions from the Steam Friends Menu
There are no weekends in Valhalla: know that we are with you.
Have fun out there!



Early Access Hotfix 1 June 21

Save game fix incoming!


ASKA Hotfix – 1300 CEST 21-JUN-24

Hey Vikings,
We've made a minor change to how game saving is handled. This is in response to the handful of players that saw save game corruption after hitting both different save options in quick succession.
This patch is a single change to eliminate any possibility of save corruption through this method. Your existing save games are not affected.
We are deeply sorry to those who experienced this issue, and have moved as quickly as possible to rectify.
The next fix we're looking at is to auto-assign multiplayer regions by IP (but they will still be possible to override). In the meantime, players are reminded to look for the drop down at the bottom on the screen when you go into the Multiplayer menu.
As a quick reminder, please utilise the bug reporting template pinned in the bug reporting sub-forum for any issues you are having to allow us to properly investigate.
We appreciate all your feedback & are trying to get round to everyone as quickly as we can.
Thank you for making this such a successful launch for us! ❤


Those are the patch notes on June 22 for ASKA.

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