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Another Crab’s Treasure Update Patch Notes June 12

A compilation of the last few patches for Another Crab’s Treasure, which released on April 25, 2024.

The complete patch notes are below, in descending order, from latest to oldest:





Minor Patch June 12


Most important change: we caved to audience pressure and you can scroll around on the Location tab now! View all the pretty art! Go nuts!


Patch Notes:



  • You can now move and zoom the map on the Location menu. Look at all the pretty art, go nuts!!!



  • Fixed multiple SFX and voice lines in Voltai's fight being played silently
  • Fixed multiple instances of NPCs persisting in a spot after having moved on in the story
  • Improvements to camera collision, especially when using Dispatch
  • Removed some fun visuals from the Felix Cube, as it would occasionally cause weird player physics interactions. Sad.
  • You can no longer use Self Repair to restore Shell Health reduced from self-inflicted damage such as Munch and Twinkle.
  • Removed access to Assist Settings from Title, as assist settings are saved specifically to individual save files.
  • Game can no longer be paused during the credits (esc key will skip them normally). This eliminates a bug where killing Kril via the pause menu during the credits could result in weird behavior.



  • Improved the save backup system, increasing the scenarios in which it'll replace an unusable file with a backup if available.
  • Eliminated a very rare scenario where a save file could show up as corrupt in the main menu despite being technically playable.



  • Fixed a ghost hitbox on a colossal late-game boss.



  • Small geometry updates to Expired Grove, Unfathom, and Bleached City
  • Fix geometry in Scuttleport that could lead to the player getting stuck
  • Fixed a content skip in Expired Grove that was a little too easy (don't believe it was useful for speedrunners, don't kill us!)
  • Removed floating props in Slacktide



  • Updated translations for "Lv" across various languages
  • Updated description of Rubber Band to reflect that it doesn't make you fully immune to electricity damage anymore.
  • Updated credits.



  • Stowaway Weight on Sea Cucumber Reduced from 6 to 5
  • A certain late-game tentacled boss's HP increased by ~14%



Minor Patch v1.0.102.5 May 23

Got a fresh new patch for you!
Most important thing here is some save file safety fixes! We'll occasionally get reports of save files being corrupted for one reason or another. Some of these we're working to fix, and others are much less preventable, due to hardware crashes and such. So we figured a good place to start is to add a backup system.
If you ever need to access your backup file for some reason, it can be found in the same folder as your save file - but the game should load it automatically if something goes wrong with your main save.



  •  Added a save backup system that should help stem the tide (haha) of people losing progress due to save corruption. Ideally in a worst case scenario, folks will only lose one save point's worth of progress instead of ruining their entire file.
  •  Fixed an issue where having no readable files in your save list would show "new game" button even if some of them existed, but were corrupt



  • Fixed an issue where a certain colossal lategame enemy would not release you from a grab properly
  • You can now always use Spearfishing on said colossal enemy. It used to be only when they were in a specific animation, but this was unclear to players.
  • Fixed an issue where your hammer could attack as if it was the standard fork after a cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could hit your dropped shell to hurt you. This was especially prevalent in the final boss fight.



  • Improved collision in Roland's arena for clipping issues
  • Improved collision in the endgame sequence



Emergency Patch v1.0.102.4a May 17

Hey gamers! Nick, who normally makes the update thumbnails, is out of the office today. Could you tell?
We just located a bug that's urgent enough to skip the normal Beta process, so I'm uploading the fix here as an emergency patch.
  • 🔥 Fixed an issue where upon loading in, your location would very frequently be reverted to the previous Moon Snail Shell, even if you saved & quit somewhere else. This was particularly messing up people's progress in locations where Moon Snail Shells were few and far between, such as The Unfathom.


That's literally it! Hope you enjoy!
Note that this is not the total extent of our save issues - this issue would exclusively affect the player's position, and not damage their progress in any other way such as reverting any killed bosses. We continue to hunt down other issues related to save files, and the community on Discord has been extremely valuable so far in this process. Thank you for your patience!



Hotfix v1.0.102.4 May 16

New patch coming in hot! Thanks as always to our beta branch players for testing this in advance!
Our biggest priority right now is investigating the save file corruption happening to a small percentage of players. It's not going to be easy, but we're fast-tracking some features that will hopefully get us better information from user error reports and minimize the damage, even if finding the real source of the issue takes longer.



  • Better error reporting for save file issues to help us track it down
  • Unique Broadsword Rangoon no longer respawns in Expired Grove
  • Fixed Hermit Mimic acting strangely in Open Ocean
  • Fixed an issue where getting your hammer destroyed would also cause your DEF stat to not respect your currently worn shell.
  • Fixed an issue where being electrocuted while rolling did not stop the roll
  • "Another Chance" now properly grants invincibility to let you survive multi-hit grabs that you revived during
  • Prevented "windbox" hitboxes such as the Frogfish vacuum attack from affecting the player while climbing
  • Fixed an issue where getting grabbed while climbing would disrupt the grabber's physics
  • Fixed an issue where Flotsam Vale's Inkerton could be interacted with prior to ambushing you.
  • Fixed an issue where hitting an enemy would cause the game to get softlocked and spawn the hit vfx particle every frame in very rare cases.



  • Added 16:9 resolutions to the Resolutions list for those with ultrawide monitors who wish to play at standard resolution



  • Mantis Punch teleport should behave more consistently



  • Fixed a bug where Magista could hit you with a ghost hitbox after she's done her spin attack
  • Pagurus can no longer be fished while he's burrowing away.



  • Fixed grapple point in Scuttleport facilities
  • Updated Border colliders in New Carcinia
  • Removed a problematic urchin in Slacktide
  • Updated Level Border Collision in Flotsam Vale
  • Geometry collision updates in Unfathom to prevent softlock issues
  • Improved collision in Voltai's Arena to reduce cases in which Kril phases through it



  • Fixed a mis-typed italics tag present in all languages except English
  • Improved a variety of Russian translations including a misgendered lobster in Slacktide



  • Stowaway Weight on Sea Cucumber Reduced from 6 to 5
  • A certain late-game tentacled boss's HP increased by ~14%



  • Highlighted the text that tells you that you actually need two Old World Whorls to upgrade your charges after the first time.



Minor Patch v1.0.102.3 May 10

Another patch is live! Thank you to our beta branch players for helping us test these changes :)



  • We fixed the cursed issue with the blue pufferfish. You can kill blue pufferfish to your heart's content.
  • We updated our audio plugins to hopefully fix an issue where some users had no audio whatsoever.
  • We've gotten many reports of the game failing to save progress, but are still unable to reproduce the issue -- so now after you save, the game will check whether the save worked. If it didn't, it will display an angry message and boot you back to the Title screen. PLEASE show us if you encounter this and send us your log file. - Instructions for how to do so are in the FAQ channel in discord.
  • We have a possible fix to the issue where the game would give you Umami Crystals for free upon reloading the game. Let us know whether you're still experiencing this or not.
  • Added an option for "FPS Limit" in the settings for users reporting high GPU usage



  • Fixed some achievement issues where they would not trigger. Now if you enter an MSS the game will check whether or not you have completed the achievement EXCEPT for "This Kills the Crab" and "You Fell Off" (in which you will have to re-trigger those again)
  • Fixed an issue where Shell UI wouldn't update language when the Language setting changes
  • Inadvertently fixed an issue where a Decoy could be placed on umami replenishers to infinitely restore umami
  • Fixed an issue where spinny part of the Felix Cube shell could become offset
  • Fixed an issue where smokescreen caused Pagurus to teleport
  • Fixed an issue where Heikea's camera clips thru the floor
  • Fixed a rare issue where you could get stuck in Heikea's grab attack the same way you could get stuck in the Duchess's
  • Fixed a bug where Kril would take damage from enemies hitting a Decoy
  • Added a 1 second buffer after swapping your hammer before you can block to prevent soft locks happening by doing it too fast.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fortify effect would last forever even after the visual expired
  • Added an extended floor only firth collides with so he doesn't fall off the sides
  • Fixed a small issue where killing a boss without aggroing them (gun) would make their dead icon never show up on the Map
  • Wad of Gum no longer triggers on attacks that deal no damage
  • Fixed an issue where hammer dash would yeet you
  • Prevented a soft lock at the end of the game where Kril's shell could go out
  • Fixed final boss arena collision
  • Fixed an issue where Umami Crystal count would increase for no reason upon returning to title and back to the game.
  • Made bobbits "X marks the spot" look slightly different from hidden items
  • Made it so you dont need to jump to aim at hidden items
  • Fixed an issue where you could scroll off the Status page and open the Shellfish Desires menu accidental
  • Fixed save slots without a save file appearing as an error in title save menu (introduced in
  • Infinite Stowaway Sale Fix
  • Removed previously sold Sand Dollars from shop. Sand Dollars are already infinite
  • Fixed Infinite loading bug caused by some shells in the player corpse
  • Fixed an issue where you could climb on the Consortium's back after it died
  • Fixed an issue where Topoda's fast movement during his sandstorm ability would cause the player to get flung into the air
  • Fixed an issue where certain costumes would appear completely black permanently after being gunked
  • Self-Repair logic fixed to not overheal
  • Fixed an issue where taking off the gun would remove it from the shell collection menu
  • Fixed an issue where Kril could get stuck in a climbing animation when leaving a climbable surface in certain situations.



  • Kril can now use Adaptations without a fork. Have fun, speedrunners!



  • Improved floor collision in gas canister such that player can't get stuck
  • Fixed Pagurus's map piece randomly floating in the open ocean
  • Small fixes to platforming in Scuttleport Facilities
  • Various platforming and encounter fixes in the final area of the game
  • Replaced some rocks in the Unfathom that players could get stuck on
  • Fixed two collision issues in the Unfathom that allowed disc drive gates to be easily bypassed-Fixed an issue that caused a rock in the Unfathom to have a corrupted mesh
  • Fixed a collision issue with a crack in a tile platform in The Bleached City
  • Fixed a hole in the Expired Grove that Kril could get stuck in
  • Moved an item out of the wall in Flotsam Air Pocket cave
  • Fixed an issue where nemma and some urchins were floating in the void if you return to the pinbarge post fall
  • Fixed a small hole in the terrain near Topoda
  • Fixed an issue where you can walk around the trigger for Topoda's fight
  • Improved camera interactions with coral assets
  • Improved camera interactions in small interiors such as milk carton and gas canister homes such that visibility is maintained during close quarters combat
  • Fixed a rock hole in shallows where kril could get stuck
  • Fixed z-fighting issue that caused flickering on a weapon rack in Fort Slacktide
  • Fixed collision issue with Fort Slacktide rubble that could cause player to get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where the player could become trapped on a rock in Trade Route Detour
  • Fixed New Carcinia bell not colliding with Camera
  • Patched up a hole in the coral in New Carcinia
  • Increased visibility on a key point of interest in the Sands Between
  • Slowed down the speed of a powered moving platform in the Sands Between
  • Cleaned up collision on rocks in the Sands Between
  • Improved collision on treasure chest such that Kril can't get stuck
  • Fixed player being able to walk up a certain trash pile in The Open Ocean
  • Fixed missing caustics in The Open Ocean
  • Fixed Kril being able to get stuck in beverage cup lid
  • Fixed a rock in the grove you could get stuck in
  • Fixed a rock in Trade Route Detour could repeatedly make player respawn to their death
  • Removed troublesome urchin from the return route of an end game platforming challenge



  • Polished up Bobbit worm visuals
  • Bobbit worms now release you and fling you much earlier if you have a shell. This prevents situations where they drag you under the map before releasing you.
  • Pushed a fix to Topoda sending players under the map with mantis punch
  • Fixed an issue where Petroch could be softlocked by hitting him with a bobbit trap before he spawns
  • You can no longer focus on Petroch before the fight starts
  • Actually fixed the issue where Topoda's brain would break if Smokescreen was used on him during his sandstorm phase



  • Nerfed hammer slightly by adding an extra third of a second before the Hammer's first attack cancels.
  • Rubber Band now only halves electric damage and entirely removes the electric stun.
  • Stunpounder's chain lightning attack damage reduced from 90 → 75
  • Stunpounder's chain lightning attack radius reduced by 25% to reduce the amount of doubled hits
  • Stunpounder's big lightning attack replaced entirely with an electric ring that can be jumped over, but the windup time is faster.
  • Stunpounder and Voltai: Electric ring damage buffed from 40 → 60
  • Puffer Quill stowaway weight reduced from 3 → 2
  • Rusty Nail+ stowaway changed to 6 ATK -5 MSG, Req. 8 RES
  • Bobbit Trap lockdown time reduced on bosses and extra large enemies.
  • Bobbit Trap extra lockdown time on Lv.3 upgrade is also reduced.
  • Praya Dubia Health increased from 3000 → 7000
  • Praya Dubia Reduced Damage from orbital laser from 95→ 70
  • Mantis Punch Base Damage reduced from 250 → 220
  • Puffer Quill stowaway -DEF reduced to -10
  • Reduced the amount of time you are invincible after swapping shells by 0.5s (It was too easy to abuse the mechanic to dodge damage even once kril finished the swap animation)



Hotfix v1.0.101.1 May 1



  • ⭐ Added a cap to certain force values in Kril's physics, preventing or at least MASSIVELY reducing instances where Kril would get launched into the void by a strong enemy attack.
  • ⭐ Entering an Moon Snail Shell now checks ALL your achievements, solving issues where save files that had previously collected broken achivements would not be able to obtain them retroactively.
  • Fixed several physics issues relating to Topoda's boss fight that could result in the player getting pushed through the terrain or other weird behavior
  • Fixed instances where your shell wouldn't be properly insured when respawning at a Moon Jelly or an area entrance.
  • Additional tough enemies in Open Ocean now die permanently when killed
  • Fixed several places where the player could get stuck on geometry or wind up out of bounds in the Expired Grove
  • Several fixes to floating sand crates in Slacktide
  • Fredrick can no longer be re-bought for 1 microplastic when dismissed, now costs 3000
  • Nemma and Konche will now properly leave their spot at the start of the Sands Between as the plot progresses.
  • Fixed SFX functionality on a certain colossal late-game boss.



  • Puffer Quill Stowaway ATK buff reduced from +10 to +5 (Sorry! It was fun while it lasted)


That's all for now! Hope you enjoy!



Those are all the patch notes up through June 12 for Another Crab’s Treasure.

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