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Another Crab’s Treasure Update Patch Notes April 30

A compilation of the last few patches for Another Crab’s Treasure, which released on April 25, 2024.

The complete patch notes are below, in descending order, from latest to oldest:





Minor Patch v1.0.101.0 April 30


A few pieces of BIG NEWS this patch!

 We've located the memory leak in our level loading that was causing lag & crashes after many repeated deaths or scene transitions - this is potentially MASSIVE for performance and was likely the cause of several other mysterious issues as the game's memory use stacked up.
This patch also includes some balance changes to builds relying on high ATK + Scrap Hammer. It's a single-player game, and ultimately we're not going to get too picky about how powerful certain builds are, but we felt that some stuff was pretty far off where we wanted. We've nerfed Shark Tooth, as it essentially felt like a must-pick for any ATK-based build. But simultaneously, we've made Lug Nut slightly better, and MASSIVELY buffed the Dispatch skill, in the hopes that capsizing enemies continues to feel worth it into the late-game. Ring-a-ding also no longer stuns absolutely every enemy in the game. We probably could have seen that one coming.
Of course, we've got plenty of other bug fixes here, especially ones relating to the camera, or to the player getting stuck in geometry. Hope you enjoy!
(Note for anyone also playing on console: This update represents the cutoff for our first big round of hotfixes for console players! Now that we've made some serious optimization gains as well as fixing a lot of soft locks, we'll be bringing this patch to consoles as soon as possible!)



  • Fixed a hole in the ground in The Shallows
  • Small Rock geometry fixes in The Shallows
  • Fixed a spot where the player could get stuck in the rockface in the tutorial area
  • Fixed an issue where enemies that dropped their hat would be able to be hurt by attacking the hat
  • Fixed an issue in the Sands Between where two Gumpounders that dropped bloodstar limbs would respawn, allowing you to farm
  • Fixed an issue where the player could become trapped on a trash bag in a ravine in the Sands Between
  • Fixed an issue where the player could become trapped on a rock in Hermit Cave
  • Circle of life now works properly and will trigger more than once.
  • Fixed an issue where player could stand on a certain gunk pit in Flotsam Vale
  • Fixed an issue where player could become trapped on trash near the Oil Drum in Expired Grove
  • Lobster Guard in Slacktide no longer floats above the ground
  • Sand Barrel in Slacktide no longer floats
  • Fixed collider on a comb gate just before New Carcinia to avoid wandering out of bounds
  • Fixed lobster statue in Slacktide missing collision
  • Die Instantly will kill you regardless of assist settings. You don't even take damage, you just die. It's that instant.
  • Shell Abilities Fortify and Stealth no longer double charge Umami Charges
  • Fortify VFX end properly when the effect is disabled.
  • Fixed geometry in a section of Expired Grove that could lead to issues in pitfall respawn safety
  • Fixed an issue where Moon Jelly could push the player through the floor if standing under it
  • Fixed an issue where the Skull shell would not spawn after killing the enemy that dropped it in Expired Grove, potentially locking out Shell Collection completion
  • Shell Spells are no longer displayed in the UI until you unlock them.
  • Fixes to some unintended skips around Adaptation-Gated obstacles in the Expired Grove
  • Skills tab in the pause menu now properly displays the starter 3 skills once you've unlocked Shelleport
  • Removed geometry in Flotsam Vale that could be used to access a cliff in an unintended path
  • Removed the possibility of a softlock in a pit in Flotsam Vale



  • Camera collision improvements for the pipeline in the shallows
  • Fixed an issue where the camera could freak out while wearing the Gun in a tight space.
  • Fix to many cases where the camera would clip through the ground during the Dispatch animation.
  • Pufferfish have a more stable lock-on target during their big spin move, preventing nauseating camera movement as they spin.



  • Added Recover Microplastics button to Assist Menu.



  • Lug Nut Attack speed debuff reduced slightly from -30% to -25%
  • Default Capsize Time for most enemies reduced from 2.5s to 2.25s
  • Dispatch base damage buffed from 95 to 150
  • Ring-a-Ding no longer interrupts bosses or strong enemies.
  • Shark tooth bonus damage nerfed from 30% to 20%
  • Shark tooth+ bonus damage nerfed from 60% to 40%



  • Hammer attacks should now work properly with attack speed modifiers
  • Dispatch no longer breaks the hammer instantly
  • Dispatch now properly accounts for hammer damage
  • Fixed an issue where Nephro's grab attack could throw you out of the arena



  • Possible fix to weird visual corruption and crash when killing the Bleached Pufferfish.
  • Topoda can no longer be spearfished during his sandstorm, as it was causing an issue where he stays invincible forever.
  • Large Thimble Rangoons no longer are marked as small weight class.



  • Fixed a typo in Konche's intro dialogue in French.



HOTFIX v1.0.100.8 April 29

Happy Sunday! We just couldn't help ourselves - have some more fixes to critical issues.
  • Players with pit damage turned off were occasionally ending up in infinite loops of falling into the abyss, unable to die or pause the game. We will be working on reducing the instances where the game can spawn you in an improper place, but for now, we have added a failsafe where falling into a pit several times in a row this way will simply kill you, regardless of your assist settings. This should prevent players from getting soft locked this way.
  • Fixed a rare soft lock where restarting the game could prevent the Moon Snail Shell in the Moon Snail's Domain from ever spawning. It should now always appear if you have talked to the Moon Snail at least once.
  • Adjusted the collision detection on many bosses, to hopefully reduce instances of them falling through floors and dying without a fair fight.
  • General stability improvements.


Happy hunting!



HOTFIX v1.0.100.7 April 27

Happy Saturday! We have some more fixes for y'all!



  • Certain users were finding their save file unusable if they had previously completed Verne's quest in The Shallows (the trapped crab on top of a small sand castle). This should now be resolved.
  • Users with their system language set to Turkish will now be able to see text properly.
  • PROBABLY fixed an issue where Bloodstar Limbs were vanishing from the Prawn Shop without having purchased them. We never saw this issue on our end, but some inconsistent code was found and fixed that likely resolves it.
  • The camera collision and locations where you could get softlocked in the Shallows that we reported in the previous hotfix did not actually make it in before -- they are included in this patch.
  • Fixed an issue where the shell collection menu background would shrink over time.
  • Drastically increased the radius where you can pick up your corpse from.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a Stowaway the quick way via the Status Panel would not update your Stats display.


Combat and enemy related

  • Fixed an issue where Voltai's appliances would come back to life after she dies.
  • A certain late game enemy type no longer have healthbars on their legs when you equip the Contact Lens.
  • Fixed an issue where Frogfish enemies could succ after dying.
  • Reduced the poise damage from Fizzle's bubbles by half.
  • The Puffer Quill stowaway does -20DEF instead of -2DEF (It was always supposed to)


Thank you and as always, please report any bugs you find in our Discord!
- Aggro Crab



PATCH NOTES v1.0.100.6 April 26

We've been heads down today but this is us letting you know that we have seen all your bugs and suggestions reported in discussion, even if we haven't replied! It's our Friday night, so please bear with us if we're slow over the weekend with reports. Thank you for all the support, Crab Fans <3



  • Fixed an issue where you could not pause when grabbed.
  • Fixed sand pillars' rock chunks not fading away when despawning.
  • Fixed a visual issue where pencil barricades’ rubber bands turned teal upon breaking.
  • Fixed an issue where smokescreen ink wouldn’t dissipate.
  • Also fixed the smokescreen issue where you could distract Heikea for far too long with the ability, leaving him idle for longer than the effect lasted.
  • Fixed an issue where Interrupting the petting animation prevents Kril from acquiring items or equipping shells until he dies
  • Fixed an issue where Chum can be targeted by Fizzle bubbles
  • You can no longer equip the gun as a hammer


Combat and enemy related

    • Fixed an issue where capsizing the Royal Shellsplitter during the fear attack would keep the screen greyscale
    • Fixed an issue where the Duchess would spin you around forever.
    • Nerfed the Duchess’s grab damage from 65 to 50 and it no longer does true damage.
    • Duchess Moonjelly point lowered to ground level to prevent glitchy reloading
    • Fixed an issue where bobbit worms could grab Pagurus. Pagurus can no longer be grabbed by any source.
    • Fixed an issue where you can walk around the trigger that starts the Duchess cutscene
    • Fixed Ceviche Sisters not properly dying permanently, allowing you to upgrade Bubble Bullet by killing them multiple times
    • Fixed visual issues with Fredricks grave



    • Fixed some soft lock issues in the shallows.
    • Updated colliders on Fort Slacktide for improved camera performance.
    • Removed a coral platform in Trade Route Detour on the way to New Carcinia that could leave the player trapped.
    • Fixed functionality on multiple magrails in Scuttleport, some of which would move slightly even while unpowered during the loading screen


    Localization fixes:

    • Fixed a typo in french for "pet"
    • Two NPCs in Open Ocean had dialogue that was left in the game accidentally, and which lacked translations. It has been removed.
    • Fixed swapped East and West on the compass in Portuguese


    We've been heads down today but this is us letting you know that we have seen all your bugs and suggestions reported in discussion, even if we haven't replied! It's our Friday night, so please bear with us if we're slow over the weekend with reports. Thank you for all the support, Crab Fans <3
    - Aggro Crab


Those are all the patch notes through April 30 for Another Crab’s Treasure.

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