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Uh oh! You've reached a glitched section of Hard Drive where the news is real!

ANIMAL WELL Update Patch Notes June 13





More minor fixes June 13

  • Improved Korean localization, along with other small adjustments to others languages
  • Fixed softlock where player could get trapped behind fallen stalactite without the ability to reach there disc



More small fixes and adjustments June 5

  • improved Korean localization
  • fixed bug where walking through a certain door at a certain time would result in player exiting in the wrong place
  • Sack now sparkles



Some small fixes and adjustments June 3

  • Fixed bug where player could reach zero heath and not die in a specific situation
  • Added another fix for save files that experienced missing mock disc bug in past and never got fixed
  • Added tiny hint that a certain situation is dangerous
  • A certain creature can now walk on water



Lowered SSE4.1 requirement for CPU to SSE3 May 28

Previously the game required SSE4.1 to run. I've now made some slight modifications so as to only require SSE3. This will improve compatibility with some older CPUs.



Added Controller Speaker Toggle May 27

  • You no longer need to put tape over the speaker.



Small Fixes May 27

  • Added better error message to let players know their video card or driver doesn't support dx12
  • Fixed issue where player could clip through a wall while climbing ladders in a couple spots
  • Fixed a certain entity sometimes appearing in a space it was not supposed to
  • Fixed exploit involving the flute, and a very specific secret area



Some more small fixes May 23

  • fixed potential soft lock when breaking large stalactite in bat cave
  • fixed potential flickering in very very very late game area
  • adjusted a few vines to remove some misleading single pixels gaps in map visibility
  • fixed issue where kangaroo would on one occasion spawn one tile above the ground
  • fixed black screen when exiting from a certain area and starting a new game



Fixed startup crash May 20

This should hopefully fix a startup crash that some people were seeing! If you are still having issues let me know.
Thank you for your patience!



More fixes!!! May 20

  • In rare situations where you missed out on a certain late game event, in previous builds, you now have another chance to access it.
  • Added an additional point where the speedrun timer flashes on screen
  • adjusted collider width of fish head by one pixel
  • added more detailed error messages for when the game fails to start
  • fixed missing glyphs in credits in some other languages


This patch, does not fix the startup crash some people have been experiencing, but I am now setup to more easily debug it. If you are one of the people experiencing it, I would greatly appreciate if you could go into the Windows Event Viewer, and share the error details with me! Once again, I'm sorry this has been taking a while and really appreciate everyone's patience!



More Fixes!! May 14

  • Large stalactites no longer block visibility or cause gaps in map
  • Fixed bug where frisbee would sometimes spin in place, when being interacted with in a certain way on the same frame it bounces off a wall.
  • Fixed an exploit with a very secret area
  • Changed timing on multi item puzzle in final area, to be slightly less demanding
  • Improved French localization for unlit candle
  • Made it impossible to trigger fireworks more than once in rare situation where it would block access to another part of the game
  • Reduce flashing option now addresses another part that was reported as uncomfortable



More Fixes! May 13

  • Added numpad key-bindings
  • Fixed softlock if crow manages to carry you offscreen
  • improved Ukrainian and German localization
  • Fixed bug where map tiles would sometimes, in very rare and specific situations, get marked as visited
  • removed stray geyser



More fixes May 12

Fixed bug where a certain spawnable item would sometimes spawn in an unintended place.
Fixed misleading empty pixel on map
Minor translation improvements


Fix for the startup crash is still in progress! I have to order the associated PC hardware so I can attempt to reproduce the issue. I'm very sorry, and again, I really appreciate everyone's patience! In the mean time I will keep seeing if I can figure out what's going on.



A few small fixes May 10

Improved Korean translation for a certain item name
Adjusted death animation when 'reduced flashing' is enabled
Certain tiles are no longer respawned on


Thank you for your patience everyone! Fixes for some other reported issues are still coming.



Fixed potential softlock May 9

When entering ghost switch block room near dogs, via turtle hole, with bubble, but without disc


Those are the patch notes through June 13 for ANIMAL WELL.

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