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Dunkey Announces He Wants to Become Game Developer, Just Needs Coders and Idea Guys

MADISON, Wisc. — YouTuber Jason Gastrow, better known as videogamedunkey, announced Wednesday evening that he and his wife are launching their own video game publishing company called BIGMODE and are looking for people who can code or come up with ideas for games.

“All I do is play video games. I love video games. That’s why it’s time for me to start making video games. Because who better to get into making video games than somebody who plays a lot of them? So if you know how to make a video game and have an idea for a video game, send me a message right now,” Dunkey said in his announcement. “I’m looking for idea guys, I’m looking for code guys, I’m looking for art guys, I’m looking for cool guys, and I’m looking for guys who know how to apply to have games on consoles because that seems kind of complicated. If Nintendo isn’t gonna hire this man, then videogamedunkey’s gotta do it himself.”

The announcement video was praised by many of Dunkey’s fans.

“As someone who also plays a lot of video games, I think this is a great opportunity for whoever it is who makes them,” said fan Conrad Hammond. “Dunkey’s video did a great job of showing that he’s the right man for the job, considering he brought to light so many indie gems that no one had heard of, like Hollow Knight and Super Mario Odyssey. Maybe I’ll send in an application as an ideas guy!”

“I’m pretty excited about this, to be honest,” said indie dev Jessie Rowe. “I’m currently going the ConcernedApe route with my game, which is to say that I am doing literally all of it by myself. And I’d probably pay money to have Dunkey make a 10 minute video about my game, so yeah, I’d be more than happy if the arrangement was the other way around. Otherwise I’m going to have to learn how to use TikTok and I really don’t want to dance over footage of my game.”

Despite the positive comments, the YouTuber also received criticism from those in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 community.

“Dunkey? That guy who is famous for wrongly criticizing Xenoblade Chronicles 3? How could he possibly build a video game publishing company when he can’t even learn how to enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles 3? For my money, the best type of game is Xenoblade Chronicles 3, so if he doesn’t like that game, he’s already off to a disastrous start,” said twitter user @XenobladeChroniclesBrie. “If he ever publishes a video game, I vow to spoil the end of it in a video. Because at the end of the day, I’m the girl with the gall.”

At press time, many prospective idea guys were reportedly pissed to discover that BIGMODE is not accepting pitches from guys who’s idea is to make a video game that has NFTs in it.