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CoD Modern Warfare 2 (2022): How to Unlock All Weapons

This year isn’t quite as simple as getting your player level up.

Modern Warfare 2 is back, again, and this time it’s… similar, but not exactly the same. Zombies are gone this time, instead opting for a slightly less absurd co-op experience. Camos, too, are now a whole thing unto themselves, requiring considerably less time overall to get that gold. And another thing that’s seen a bit of a shakeup in CoD: Modern Warfare 2 is the means by which you unlock your precious weapons. 

Gone are the days when you just blasted through the ranks of your player level and got the full arsenal at your disposal. Now there are progression trees barring you from certain weapons, meaning that you’ve got to be a little more strategic with your grind if you want to get your hands on everything. 

The M4 platform is likely where you’ll start from, and is how you unlock four new weapons. Level the M4 itself up to 19, and you’ll have unlocked the FTAC Recon and the 556 Icarus; level the FTAC to 17 to unlock the FSS Hurricane, and the 556 up to 14 to unlock the M16. Boom, platform complete. Thank you, next. 

It’s not as complex as it perhaps looks at first, though – in simple terms, around half of the game’s weapons are now put into groups, which are designated as platforms. Interestingly, the platforms can span across weapon types, so if you’re looking for a specific bit of kit, you’ll have to see which gun is its cousin, or something. Luckily we have you covered below.

CoD Modern Warfare 2: How to Unlock M4 platform weapons

How to unlock all m4 platform weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Weapon nameUnlock condition 
M4 (assault rifle) Available from the start
FTAC Recon (battle rifle) M4 Level 14
556 Icarus (LMG)M4 Level 19
M16 (assault rifle) 556 Icarus Level 14
FSS Hurricane (SMG) FTAC Recon Level 17

Unlocking Tactique Verte platform weapons

How to unlock all tactique verte platform weapons in CoD: Modern Warfare 2.

Weapon nameUnlock condition
TAQ-56 (assault rifle) Reach player level 19
TAQ-V (battle rifle) TAQ-56 Level 11
TAQ-M (marksman rifle) TAQ-56 Level 20

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Bruen Bullpup platform weapons

Weapon nameUnlock condition
STB 556 (assault rifle) Reach player level 41
MX9 (SMG) STB 556 Level 13
HCR 56 (LMG) STB 556 Level 20

Call of Duty MW2: How to Unlock Lachmann & Meer platform weapons

Weapon nameUnlock condition 
Lachmann-762 (battle rifle) Reach player level 16
Lachmann-556 (assault rifle) Lachmann-762 Level 12
LM-S (marksman rifle) Lachmann-762 Level 16
RAPP H (LMG) Lachmann-556 Level 12
Lachmann Sub (SMG) Lachmann-556 Level 12

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Unlocking Kastovia platform weapons

Weapon nameUnlock condition 
Kastov 762 (assault rifle) Reach player level 23
Kastov 545 (assault rifle) Kastov 762 Level 13
RPK (LMG) Kastov 762 Level 16
Kastov-74u (assault rifle) Kastov 545 Level 13
Vaznev-9K (SMG)Kastov-74u Level 15
Minibak (SMG) Vaznev-9K Level 14

How to Unlock Ordnance Weapon platform weapons

Weapon nameUnlock condition
EBR-14 (marksman rifle) Available from the start
SO-14 (battle rifle) EBR-14 Level 12

Call of Duty MW2: How to Unlock Bryson 800 Series platform weapons

Weapon nameUnlock condition
Bryson 800 (shotgun) Available from the start
Bryson 890 (shotgun) Bryson 800 Level 16

Unlocking Bryson Long Rifle platform weapons

Weapon nameUnlock condition 
SP-R 208 (marksman rifle) Reach player level 7
SA-B 50 (sniper rifle) SP-R 208 Level 16
LA-B 330 (marksman rifle)SA-B 50 Level 17
SP-X 80 (sniper rifle) LA-B 330 Level 17

How to Unlock XRK platform weapons

Weapon nameUnlock condition
X12 (handgun)Reach player level 31
X13 Auto (handgun)X12 Level 10

How to Unlock Single platform weapons 

There are also a heap of weapons that don’t adhere to the new unlock tree platform structure, which you’ll unlock as you grind up your overall level. They still show as having a platform in the loadout screen, but currently just have a single entry. This may change with future updates though.

Weapon nameUnlock condition
Vel 46 (SMG)Available from the start
Sakin MG38 (LMG)Available from the start
P890 (handgun)Available from the start
PILA (launcher)Available from the start
MCPR-300 (sniper rifle)Available from the start
PDSW 528 (SMG)Reach player level 5
Expedite 12 (shotgun)Reach player level 9
.50 GS (handgun)Reach player level 13
STRELA-P (launcher)Reach player level 14
JOKR (launcher)Reach player level 24
RAAL MG (LMG)Reach player level 25
Lockwood Mk2 (marksman rifle)Reach player level 28
RPG-7 (launcher)Reach player level 32
Lockwood 300 (shotgun)Reach player level 36
Riot Shield (melee)Reach player level 37
Fennec 45 (SMG)Reach player level 38
Basilisk (handgun)Reach player level 39
Signal 50 (sniper rifle)Reach player level 44

And there you have it, an arsenal fit for a rampaging warlord. Now it’s just a case of unlocking all of the skins for them.