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Atelier Ryza 3 SP Farm Guide: Best Ways to Earn Skill Points Fast

In order to become the best alchemist you can be, you must know about Atelier Ryza 3 SP Farm. In Atelier Ryza 3, there are a lot of activities for you to do, but not everything will reward you with skill points. Learning the best ways you have to earn SP makes a lot of difference when progressing in the game. 

In the new Atelier game, skill points are used to unlock some passive abilities as well as recipes for specific items in the Skill Tree. While you do gain some points when you finish synthesizing items, this is not the only source of SP you have in the game. To help you in this journey to turning into a master alchemist, here are the best ways to farm skill points. 

How to Farm SP in Atelier Ryza 3 – Complete Quests

One of the best ways to farm SP in the game is by completing Character Quests, Normal Quests, and Random Quests. Character Quests are goals that each character in your party might have, going from finding items to crafting new pieces of equipment. Normal Quests are quests given by side characters in all the regions you visit during the game. Since not every Normal Quest rewards you with SP, you should focus on the ones that do! And the Random Quests, just like the name suggests, are missions that will randomly appear for you. This may happen inside a city or in the middle of a forest. It’s important to keep in mind that they disappear after some time, so if a good one rewards you with SP try to complete it as soon as possible.  

Unlock the SP Up Skill to Earn SP Faster (Atelier Ryza 3)

Right when the Skill Tree becomes accessible to you, focus on unlocking the SP Up skill. This is a passive skill you can have which will increase by 10% the SP you gain when crafting items. Although it doesn’t sound like a huge improvement, this skill is amazing when you’re preparing materials for a more complex recipe. 

How to Farm SP in Atelier Ryza 3 – Build a Laboratory

In case you want more SP, you should build a laboratory as your atelier. As expected in this game, you have an atelier, which you’re going to visit constantly because it’s the only place you can craft items. Once you progress a little bit in the story and travel to a new region, you will have the chance to build a new atelier and the game gives you three types to choose from. The laboratory is the one to go because of the effect of increasing the SP gain rate it has. A great combination with your SP Up skill! And you don’t need to worry if after some time you have enough SP. You can remodel your atelier at any time!

Craft Cheap Items & Previous Gear to Earn SP Quickly

Craft cheap items or previous gear as a way to farm SP Atelier Ryza 3.

Now, to produce even more SP, craft new items or better versions of the ones you already have. In a game with so much to do, many quests to complete, and materials to gather, we sometimes forget to work with the basics. Sure you don’t need more ingots after some time or cloth pieces. But they are easy to craft and use common materials! Craft them as much as you can to gain extra Skill Points. On the other hand, in case you forgot, you can always craft items you have already created in order to get higher quality or better skills. Both ideas work as a sort of routine you should go through regularly.

And with all the best ways to Farm SP in Atelier Ryza 3 you’re ready to take the most out of Atelier Ryza 3’s crafting system by having every skill possible unlocked in your Skill Tree. Still feel behind? Check out our guide on how to craft every starting tool!

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