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WWE 2K23 Best Finishers Guide: The Best 2K23 Finishers

Finishers are the coolest-looking moves a wrestler can perform in their WWE 2K23 matches, and they usually imply that the end of the match is near. If you’re a WWE 2K23 fan, then you’re in luck because the game has over 200 playable characters and offers an array of iconic finishers in WWE history!

Additionally, the game developers have drastically improved the animations of these finishers, providing a more visually impressive appeal to them. So without any further ado, let’s check out the best finishers in the latest installment of the series, WWE 2K23, in order to end your fights in style.

Best WWE 2K23 Finishers: Curb Stomp – Seth Rollins

If you aspire to play as Seth Rollins in WWE 2k23, the Curb Stomp is one of the most lethal finishing techniques that you can perform to overcome your opponents. Seth Rollins has renamed his deadly move to the Curb Stomp, formerly known as Blackout. 

Seth Rollins also has another version of the Curb Stomp that he can use. If his opponent is dizzy and close to the corner of the wrestling ring, Seth can press a button to initiate the finishing move. He will throw his opponent onto the ground and then jump onto the second rope to execute a more powerful version of the Curb Stomp.

There are various ways to execute the Curb Stomp in WWE 2K23. Nevertheless, the most effective way to execute the move is to drag your opponent toward the corner of the wrestling ring and then execute the Curb Stomp. After throwing the opponent to the ground, Seth Rollins will climb the corner of the rope. He then launches himself off the corner and forcibly stomps on his opponent’s head.

Kiss of Death (KOD) – Bianca Belair

The renowned American professional wrestler Bianca Belair has one of the best finishers, Kiss of Death, to offer in WWE 2K23. Even the most seasoned wrestling enthusiasts can vouch for the fact that no other wrestler has dared to replicate this move, making it all the more special and exclusive to the Queen of the Ring herself.

To perform her finisher, Bianca carries her opponent on her back and slams them onto the ground first with all her force. This move causes significant damage to the opponent’s skull, showcasing Bianca’s ruthless power. For best results, she must execute this move while standing right in front of her opponent.

Best WWE 2K23 Finishers: Attitude Adjustment – John Cena

John Cena’s most iconic wrestling move is the Attitude Adjustment finisher, a variation of the Fireman’s Carry power slam. With his finisher, John Cena lifts an opponent onto his shoulders and flips them horizontally, causing significant damage to their body and head, regardless of their size.

The best part is performing the Double Attitude Adjustment is relatively easy in WWE 2K23. Simply be in a match with two opponents while controlling John Cena and have a Finisher move available. Next, drag or Irish Whip your opponent into the same corner, and once they are stacked against each other, approach them with your Finisher move available. Press the R2/RT and A/X buttons to hit the Double Attitude Adjustment on both opponents.

F-5 – Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has been an unstoppable force in the wrestling world since he made his debut in 2002. And if you weren’t aware, Brock Lesnar’s F-5 finisher move is highly effective and even ended The Undertaker’s winning streak at WrestleMania. 

He uses it by lifting an opponent onto his shoulders and spinning them before falling down, causing significant damage. The move’s impressive “one vs. two” variations allow Lesnar to execute a Double F-5 on two opponents simultaneously.

To perform the F5 Finisher in WWE 2K23, you need to stand in front of your opponent and press R2 + X. This move is unique to Brock Lesnar, where he lifts his opponent onto his shoulders, spins them, and drops them onto the ring. Sometimes, performing the F5 requires additional steps.

Best WWE 2K23 Finishers: 619 – Rey Mysterio

The best finishers in WWE 2K23.

Rey Mysterio, a wrestling legend recognized as “The Master of the 619,” has a remarkable career with multiple championship wins and performances around the globe. He is popular among WWE video game enthusiasts, where his famous move, the 619, has been featured in many games. 

The move is executed by Mysterio bouncing off the ropes and striking his opponent’s head with a spinning kick, inflicting considerable damage. The 619 is not only visually impressive but also an effective move within the game.

To execute Rey Mysterio’s signature move in the WWE 2K23, players must fully charge the signature bar and then approach an opponent from the front, pressing the designated button. This will trigger Mysterio to throw the opponent toward the middle ropes. Mysterio will then swiftly run towards the opponent, unleashing a powerful two-footed spinning kick to their face.

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