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Upcoming Nintendo Game Lets You Grow and Harvest New Farming Simulators

REDMOND, Wash. Nintendo has previewed an upcoming simulation game that will task you with planting, growing, and harvesting various games that allow you to build and tend to a farm, sources have confirmed. 

“We think this is the exact game Nintendo fans are clamoring for,” said Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser, in a surprise Nintendo Direct uploaded earlier today. “After we saw the positive response to announcing a bunch of farming games earlier in the week, we thought we’d go ahead and peel back the curtain on one of our biggest upcoming games: Farmafarm. There are a lot of farming games, but this is the only one that lets you grow fields of them!” 

The developers behind Farmafarm were eager to show off their upcoming title. 

“Just like our peers, we’ve been working on this thing since shortly after we first played Stardew Valley,” said Lee Denning, director of Farmafarm. “And while we know there’s a lot of competition in the farming game genre as of late, our angle of letting you actually plant and grow all kinds of different little farming games puts us out ahead of Fae Farm, Rune Factory 3 Special, Harvestella, Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, Mario Farm, FarmGo, Nintendo Farming Sports, and Breath of the Harvest 2, in my opinion.”

Gamers were mostly excited to hear of yet another upcoming farming RPG. 

“I was a little intimidated when I watched that Nintendo Direct and there were a half dozen farming games that looked kinda fun,” said Gary Sledge, a local gamer. “But it sounds like Farmafarm will let me play dozens of different variations on the old Harvest Moon formula all in one game! So that’s gonna save me like a few hundred bucks on farm games, easily. Farmafarm’s the game of the year at this point.” 

Farmafarm will be released later this year on October 28th, the same day as Farming Simulator 23 and Professor Layton Retires and Buys A Farm.