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Strategy Guide: Here’s How to Jump in Mario

What’s happening, gamers! Welcome back to another Hard Drive Strategy Guide, where today we’ll be taking a look back at one of the most iconic installments in gaming history: Super Mario Brothers from 1983.

While any gamer worth their salt has undoubtedly heard of this stalwart of video games, how many of you can actually beat the game start to finish? Well not many people are aware of this insider trick that Super Mario Bros. professionals don’t want you to know: here’s how to jump in Mario. 

By inputting a special button combination at just the eight time, you can send the Italian plumber soaring gloriously into the air, avoiding obstacles and enemies with ease. Why the game doesn’t tell you about this hidden tech is beyond me, but nonetheless this comprehensive guide will start you on your journey to jumping like a pro with Mario in no time.

It’s not a beginner technique, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries to execute it for the first time. But rest assured that after finishing this guide, onlookers will be stunned as you send Mario flying up into the screen to squish Koopas and collect coins previously thought to be impossible.

Make sure you start taking notes, because this explanation is going to get a bit complicated. Most players don’t even know jumping exists in the game, let alone the exact inputs of how to execute it. Muscle memory will play a key factor, so blocking out some time to practice your jumping isn’t a bad idea for the incredibly committed to mastering the Mario games.

Thankfully, Nintendo was kind enough to code this advanced jumping strategy into almost every mainline Mario game since, so learning this button combination early will pay dividends in the long term of your gaming career.

Unfortunately, we are running out of time for today, but stay tuned for part two through five of the complete thorough guide of how to jump in Mario!

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