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Sony Increases PS5 Price Again for Back Talk

TOKYO — After market speculation in recent weeks, Sony has decided to increase the price of the PlayStation 5 a second time for back talk.

“We didn’t want to do this,” explained Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, at an international panel addressing the price change in Europe, Africa, Australia and select other regions. “But this is what you get when you talk back to me and run your little sass mouth.”

PlayStation fans were baffled at the price increase for the already expensive game console, especially considering they themselves had done nothing wrong. When pressed for a response, Yoshida was resolute in his decision.

“Keep it up!” Yoshida said, following a wave of boos at his announcement. “You’re lucky I don’t personally come to your house and wash that mouth out with soap. Scrub all the swears and junk out of that nasty little mouth. I’ll open up a whole quicktime event on that thing.”

In light of supply chain issues and other economic disruptions around the globe, some gamers felt the squeeze from the Sony Corporation was a bit overly harsh.

“Everyone knows this is horse shit,” said gamer Marie Renault, 42, one of few brave enough to comment on the second price increase. “How can you change the price when it is literally not fair and it sucks?”

In response to the news, Nintendo has clarified that with the $350 Nintendo Switch OLED, you can play the hottest new games and complain as much as you want.