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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mystery Gift: How to Get Flying Pikachu

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduces many new mechanics, among them is Terastallizing. Similar to Dynamaxing this transforms the Pokémon, this time to resemble a crystal sculpture, and it can also change a Pokémon’s type entirely, allowing for bait and switch strategies. Additionally, Terastallized Pokemon receive a power boost to moves that match their Tera type. Some Pokémon may even have differing Tera types across the same species. Early adopters of the new games are being rewarded with an opportunity to earn a Flying Tera-type Pikachu, who knows Fly and wears a balloon-adorned crown upon terastallizing. You have until February to redeem this special Pikachu but why wait? Here’s how to get your very own Flying Pikachu.

In order to redeem the limited-time flying Pikachu, you have to start the game. This seems obvious, but you don’t have access to the mystery gift feature until you’ve reached the first combination Pokemon Center + Shop. This is around thirty minutes to an hour into the game depending on how much you want to explore the first area, but once you’ve made it past the lighthouse, you’ll be on track. 

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to Claim the Mystery Gift Flying Pikachu

Once you’ve heard the tutorial information regarding the various services at the Pokémon Center, you’ll be able to access the Poké Portal from your Main Menu (which you open with X). Like other Mystery Gifts in previous Pokemon games, this does require an internet connection. 

From there, you’ll want to scroll to the bottom of the menu and select Mystery Gift.

On the next menu, select the first option: Get via Internet.

Then, simply select Flying Tera Type Pikachu Gift! The flying electric mouse will be delivered to a box in your PC, which is also accessible from your main menu! As a reminder, flying Pikachu is only available until February, so don’t delay in redeeming yours as soon as possible. Keep the process in mind because there will surely be other exciting gifts coming our way over the next year. Enjoy exploring Paldea with your unique companion!