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WWE Draft 2024 Rules: Everything confirmed by the company

The WWE Draft is set to take place this weekend, and the format and rules for this year’s iteration of the event have been confirmed.

Friday Night SmackDown on April 26th will be hosting the first night of the Draft, whilst Monday’s episode of RAW will be hosting the second and final.

WWE has recently signed major deals for both RAW and SmackDown, so it is expected that the changes made over the weekend will affect the shows as they move forward massively.

RAW specifically will be heading to Netflix as of January 2025, so there’s a good chance that the likes of Roman Reigns could be heading to the Red brand and Monday nights to capitalise on that big new potential viewership.

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WWE Draft 2024 Rules

Here are the official rules for the WWE Draft 2024:

  • On SmackDown there will be four rounds with 16 total picks
  • On RAW, there will be six rounds with 24 total picks
  • Champions on each brand are protected
  • Women’s Tag Team Champions are eligible
  • SmackDown will pick first on Friday
  • RAW will pick first on Monday
  • Roster lock on Monday, May 6th

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