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The Undertaker Makes Big Claim About WWE’s Women’s Division

WWE legend The Undertaker recently made a big claim regarding the women’s division and what the roster could benefit from.

Speaking on his Six Feet Under podcast (via SEScoops), the Deadman said: “The division [is] deep. I would like to see a Women’s Intercontinental Champion, and possibly, because there are two brands, a Women’s US Champion.”

As of writing, there is currently no indication that the company is considering bringing in a mid-card title for either RAW or SmackDown, but it was revealed at NXT Stand and Deliver on WrestleMania weekend that a new Women’s North American Championship would be coming in the near future.

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The Undertaker Talks Women’s Midcard Titles

‘Taker isn’t the first to mention that there should be a midcard title introduced for the Women’s divisions on RAW and SmackDown.

It has reportedly been discussed in the past, but WWE has never moved forward with the plans…although it could happen at some point.

AEW introduced the TBS Championship back in January 2022 in a similar vein, and it made a big difference to the presentation and career of Jade Cargill before she left to join WWE earlier this year.

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