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Here’s a Roundup of the Dumbest ‘Starfield’ Takes We’ve Seen

Nowadays, you can only measure a game’s value by the amount of controversy it incites among people who don’t know anything about it. By that measure, it would appear that we can already declare Starfield one of the greatest games of all time. Here’s a list of the dumbest Starfield takes we got our eyes on before the game was even properly out.

Dude complaining about the start screen

One former World Of Warcraft developer predicted the absolute failure of Starfield by noting that its start screen wasn’t, like, amazing-looking.

A good title screen provides a neat touch, yeah, but a simpler one can provide the perfect start for a journey that only gets better along the way. Think about that or, better yet, don’t, because once we begin nitpicking this, we’ll begin nitpicking everything.

PS: The start screen of every other Bethesda games only struck you as great because they featured awesome music.

Dude complaining about not being able to land ON GAS

There’s this dude complaining that you cannot land on Saturn, a planet that has nothing to land on because it’s made out of gas. He’s gonna be so mad when he learns that, I assume, he also won’t be able to land on the stars of a game called Starfield.

This is like complaining that you don’t get to have sex with a reaper in Mass Effect. Nobody ever complained about any weird thing about Mass Effect and boy, that series was rife with freaky stuff. Man, Mass Effect 2 was so good. Will they ever make a sequel for that?

Everyone started to make fun of some hater after he made an argument that exploration is a lie because you can’t land and explore gas giants.
by u/MEMEY_IFUNNY in Starfield

Dude complaining about real moon not looking realistic enough

To troll a friend who’s really demanding when it comes to graphics, this little devil sent him a picture of the real moon, claiming it was the moon in Starfield. His friend was naturally not impressed, claiming that it just didn’t look realistic enough. 

Remember devs, there’s no longer a point in making graphics that don’t look more realistic than real life. I hope you enjoy your job’s standards.

Dude correctly complaining about hats but then going on a dumb racist rant

The first half of this dude’s complaint is right. It’s pretty weird that you’d want to colonize space to just turn it into the Wild West you desperately tried to escape from. Good job. The second half of his point, however, is just racist bullshit. We almost got rid of these fucking dumbass cowboy hats in space games, but now this idiot has set back our noble main quest by like two more decades.

This is how you make a good point against hats:

Dude complaining about pronouns

This dude perfectly displays what I believe is Starfield’s “overly dramatic” trait by going on an unhinged rant about something as simple as you getting to pick your pronouns in a game about choice in a setting where players shouldn’t need to be concerned with weird cavemen-level takes.

Man, random fans are so weird. oh wait, here’s DrDisrespect having the exact same type of meltdown you’d only expect from a nameless weirdo who gets to dive back into the shadows until all this blows over.

This dude who just wants to stop flirting with this sexy male cowboy

Imagine being a Christian so mad at the gays of planet earth that you accept making a truce with science to go to space, and the first person you see there is a bi-cowboy that you start flirting with.

If only these options were somehow more optional than “completely optional,” then maybe far-right lunatics would be way more chill about stuff.

This dude claiming Starfield fans are the smartest

To cap it all off with some positivity, we have this dude saying that Starfield fans are the smartest in the world. How cool!

From all of us here, THANK YOU
by u/ToddBethesda in Starfield

Edit: oh my god, I’m so sorry. It turns out that this dude is a man named Todd Howard, a person seemingly somewhat involved with the development of Starfield — maybe the guy who does the start screens, idk, but definitely not the guy Bethesda’s boss tasks with reading Internet comments.