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Paramore Could Be at WWE WrestleMania 40

WWE Superstar Bayley has been wanting to use a Paramore song for her WrestleMania entrance for some time, and it could finally happen.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion took to X/Twitter to share a video of Hayley Williams essentially confirming that she is happy for her to do so, saying: “Bayley says ‘Dude, I wanna play Simmer for my entrance at WrestleMania.’ You have our permission, that’s sick, holy s***.”

Whilst this isn’t exactly confirmation that it is happening, a lot of WWE fans will be very happy, as a #ParamoreForMania hashtag has been doing the rounds for the past few months.

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Will Paramore be at WWE WrestleMania 40?

Whilst this will hopefully mean that Bayley can use ‘Simmer’ at the event…but could Hayley Williams and co be there to play it live?

At this point, we do not know, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a live band have played an entrance theme at the ‘Showcase of the Immortals,’

Living Color played CM Punk to the ring with Cult of Personality at WrestleMania 29 (I was there, it was awesome), Diddy also did some tracks at that show (I was there, it wasn’t awesome), Motorhead played Triple H to the ring at WrestleMania 17, Limp Bizkit played The Undertaker out at WrestleMania 19…could Paramore be next?

Either way, it looks like Bayley will finally be getting her wish for her long-anticipated WWE Women’s Championship match against IYO SKY; ain’t it fun?

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