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How to Get Your Precious, Stupid Little Head Stuck in a Paper Bag in Stray

Stray is out now and, predictably, it’s the internet’s favorite video game. Annapurna Interactive’s feline-adventure is filled with little nuances that’ll make any cat lover incessantly start talking about how their own cat does the same thing (oh your cat also knocks things over? Get in line). Is the game good? Who cares, it has a cute as shit cat who does cute cat shit.

And speaking of cat shit, Stray does have a list of trophies that’ll reward you for all your cat behaviors. Nap for an hour? Trophy. Meow 100 times? Ding. Dunk a basketball? Well, okay that one’s more of a golden retriever thing, but you’ll get an achievement nonetheless.

But one of the game’s trickier achievements is called “Curiosity Killed The Cat.” To get this, you’ll simply need to get stuck in a paper bag. Easy, right? Well you try finding a lunch bag in the middle of a crowded cyberpunk city, bub. If you’re having trouble checking this one off your list, here’s where you can easily find one.

Where to find the paper bag

There are a few opportunities to get hopelessly stuck in a bag during Stray, but your easiest bet will happen in Chapter 4. That’s where you’ll enter The Slums, the game’s first open-ended area. If you’ve already blazed past that point, you can select the chapter when loading your save file.

In the spirit of cats, Stray likes to annoy you by refusing to give you a map, so you’ll have to know your landmarks. The slums have a notable landmark in the form of a big honkin’ elevator shaft that’s lit up at the back of the city. You’ll want to head there. While you’re facing it, turn left and head down the set of stairs. You should see a cool as hell robot dude sitting down holding a guitar (he has dreads and I am dying to know if someone is going to discourse about it).

While facing that big boy, turn to your right and look just past the sign in front of him. You should notice an object you can interact with sitting against a wooden box (look for a thin white circle). That’s bag city, baby! Head over to it, press the interact button, and you’ve just gotten lost in paper hell.

Sure, the rush of joy you’ll feel from seeing that trophy notification pop up will be worth it, but there’s a better reason to do this: it’s funny as hell. Sticking your head in the bag will momentarily invert your controls, causing you to fumble around like a little precious idiot. It’s how your cat feels anytime it sneaks into your takeout bag, so this will really let you see how the other half lives.

As a twofer here, there’s a widdle-biddy napping spot right next to the guitar dude. So if you’re a real trophy fiend, plop your little butt right down there and leave the controller for an hour to get the napping achievement too. You can have that tip for free, as a treat.

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