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HUGE Powerbomb through light tubes and chair at GCW Tournament of Survival 9 drives fans WILD

GCW Tournament of Survival 9 got even more brutal during the opening round when Brandon Kirk hit a powerbomb on chairs and light tubes.

The ‘Psycho Driver’ secured him the win against Shunma Katsumata after a wild DDT style Deathmatch that included glass…and Lego.

You can check out the outrageous move below, it looked absolutely brutal on the Live Stream and the crowd in the Showboat popped huge for it:

GCW Tournament of Survival 9 on Triller

Tournament of Survival 9 is available to watch back on demand as part of the TrillerTV+ service on

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This weekend Game Changer Wrestling will also be hosting the Deathmatch Hall of Fame as well as the Cage of Survival 3 event on Sunday night!

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