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AEW News: WWE name held talks with company

AEW News: All Elite Wrestling has reportedly held talks with a popular WWE personality who is set to leave shortly.

According to a new report from Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Kayla Braxton (real name Kayla Becker) has been speaking to AEW.

“It might be AEW, it might not. There definitely was talk between her and AEW. She was looking to other things as well. It was one of those things, I was told she could see the writing on the wall” the writer claimed.

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AEW News: Kayla Braxton held talks with All Elite

“They pretty much decided that Cathy Kelley and Jackie Redmond were gonna be the top two ones” Meltzer added. So she was number three so I think by that she kind of could see maybe it’s time to go somewhere else” (transcription via Cultaholic).

Braxton recently confirmed that she would be leaving WWE for a “West Coast-based opportunity,” but we do not currently know exactly what that even is.

Could she be heading to All Elite? It is certainly a possibility.

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