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Masahiro Sakurai’s YouTube Channel Reveals What Was Inside Those Eggs

TOKYO — Legendary game designer and creator of the Kirby series and Super Smash Bros. Masahiro Sakurai recently launched his personal YouTube channel titled “Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games,” in which he shares insights into the gaming industry, such as what was inside that dog’s weird eggs in the HAL Laboratory logo.

“Hello, everyone! People ask me this question all the time,” began Sakurai in his latest video. “What are inside those dog’s eggs in our company logo? Who is that dog? Why does a dog have eggs? Yes, all very interesting questions indeed…”

The video quickly cut to a diagram of the inside of a dog’s body.

“As you can see here, it is impossible for a dog to lay eggs,” explained Sakurai in a voice-over. “While some mammals can in fact lay eggs, a dog is simply unable to do so. So when I worked at HAL, we all thought it would be funny to imagine such a thing, until my wife brought our dog into the office one day, who shockingly produced three white eggs.”

The video cut back to a stern-looking Sakurai, addressing the audience directly from his living room.

“We had no choice but to nurse the animal, as it had some sort of mental hold over us,” stated Sakurai. “We found a pile of hay for it to lay on, and it commanded our every action for the next several months. It’s hard to describe in words exactly what did eventually hatch from those eggs, but for everyone wondering what the explanation was for the eldritch horror-style final bosses in Kirby games… well there’s your answer.”

Sakurai’s fans responded to the news with joy that the age-old mystery was finally solved.

“I’m just glad it wasn’t three Fire Emblem characters,” said one commenter. “That would have really pissed me off.”

“Did the eldritch beasts that came from the dog eggs also force him to add tripping to Brawl?” said another. “Just saying.”

“OK I am 100% sure that he’s making up this story and actually referencing the fact that Dr. Eggman from Sonic will be the first character revealed in the next Smash Bros. games,” said a third commenter. “In fact, I think we’re getting a trailer within the next week.”

At press time, Sakurai was seen entering a shrine and offering sacrificial eggs to the dog on its altar of worship, doomed to live in perpetual fear of the beast he had created in jest.