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We Have Bluesky Codes, But We Put Them All in This Article Because We Need the Ad Revenue

Ever since an unnamed, insecure billionaire took over Twitter, everyone’s been searching for a good successor. Among all of the platforms you’ve seen your friends say “you can find me here now” about, one you’ve probably seen a lot is Bluesky. Even the world-renowned, integrity-filled outlet Hard Drive is on there! 

The unfortunate thing, though, is that you need an invite code (something like “bsky-social-mb4jy-ddch6“) and unless you have a really proactive friend, codes like “bsky-social-i7dsx-4vk5m” are pretty hard to get your hands on. Luckily, through our network of cool people at Hard Drive, we’ve got plenty of codes. But to keep the lights on, we really need to get some ad revenue cranking, especially here in quarter 4. So we’ve put all of our bluesky codes like bsky-social-4i3ly-tmvax and bsky-social-ityhj-i6fv3 all throughout this article. We might even drop in pictures like this one!

Wow! Look at that ad that probably just came up below that picture! No, seriously, look at it for a while. We make more money that way.

Man, your attention span brought you to the fourth paragraph! Nice! Here’s a few more codes for your patience:

  • bsky-social-5uanq-uukwo
  • bsky-social-fjykl-3emy2
  • bsky-social-4quoa-3z5mr

Anyway, I know you’re here to loot and pillage us for access to get into a cool new website, but why don’t we have a conversation? How has your day been today? Hope it was good. By the time you’re reading this, I’m probably playing Spider-Man 2, so I’m doing pretty damn good. Unless I end up not liking it, in which case I’ll be pretty disappointed. But those reviews are pretty glowing so I bet I’m gonna like it!


Here’s a cute picture of a bear I saw on Twitter the other day. Maybe someday we can find cool pictures like this on Bluesky together!

And you know what? I’m gonna make this piece even more shilly. We have a cool YouTube channel and a lot more people should watch it! Here’s the one our video guy Fudj said was his favorite. Watch it right here. Maybe a Bluesky code will pop up in there!

*disclaimer: a bluesky code will not pop up in there.

Alright, we’ve still got some more codes. Watch any good movies recently? I just watched the Coen Brothers’ Fargo for the first time a couple weeks ago. It slaps! Go watch it if you haven’t yet, go rewatch it if you already have.

Fun fact: apparently Hard Drive is also in the Top 100 most followed accounts on Bluesky! So if you use one of our codes, like “bsky-social-nxcde-gf4hm” you should follow us. My brain likes seeing the number go up or, in the ranking case, number go down.

  • bsky-social-sohki-qd7mm
  • bsky-social-el6um-5nvja

Quiz time! This Bluesky code is missing letters, and they’re the initials of our current editor-in-chief. Are you a big enough fan to solve the puzzle? bsky-social-5wdmc-rp??w

And for the lazy ones, this one’s free: bsky-social-4tail-vcrfy

Speaking of shilling, did you know that Hard Drive has a cool relaunched merch store? It’s true! Lots of cool shirts, vinyl, and more in there. Go take a look at! And while you’re at it, take a look at this: bsky-social-ogavy-3jovt

If you’ve scrolled this far, you must be pretty bored, so let me tell you about a couple of cool Steam Next Fest demos. If you’re a fan of deckbuilders, you should play Cobalt Core. It’s like if Slay the SpireFTL, and really chill lo-fi beats had an incredibly gorgeous kid.


If you’re more of a multiplayer guy, check out Make Way! This one is a lovechild between Mario Kart and Ultimate Chicken Horse and it rules. Me and the boys played for like 2 hours last night and it’s still just a demo. I’m really hyped for the full release, and it’s actually a crime that I’m not seeing it all over my feed.


Alright, I’ve got more stuff to do so I’m outta here. Here’s the rest of the invites I’ve got:

  • bsky-social-3h4ps-2xs5x
  • bsky-social-ghl3b-5vbeh
  • bsky-social-acmk5-55x5e
  • bsky-social-f6aws-fywag
  • bsky-social-szfrj-voh5f
  • bsky-social-q3ygy-7ogxh
  • bsky-social-ldhci-e3jfn
  • bsky-social-ldkhc-z773s
  • bsky-social-e3ufa-ouzrq

The Bluesky codes don’t have to stop at the end of the article, though! If you’ve got some spare invite codes, go ahead and drop ’em down in the comments if you’ve got some extra ones. We still make ad revenue while you guys scroll down there, so do your thing.