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World Exclusive: We Smelled Inside Glover’s Hand Hole

Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to sit down with legendary ’90s gaming character Glover, and in a world first, we were granted the opportunity to bend into his hand hole and get a big whiff of whatever is going on in there. Needless to say, it was a huge honor! 

The meeting took several months to arrange, with negotiations stalling on several occasions due to the beloved platforming mascot changing his contact details and generally just being pretty shifty. Nevertheless, thanks to the tireless work of Hard Drive’s legal team, we were finally able to rendezvous with gaming’s most enigmatic hand, Glover.

We met with the reclusive glove on a Los Angeles soundstage, about a mile from his infamous Beverly Hills condo. Upon Glover’s insistence, the studio was to only have a skeleton crew, and the meeting would take place on September 11th (this was non-negotiable).

Glover was standoffish from the moment he arrived. “No questions,” he barked at me. “You sniff and you go, understood?”.

Skipping the pleasantries, we were keen to not upset Glover, who has not spoken publicly to any outlet since 2004. A member of the soundstage team provided a stepladder, allowing us to stick our curious noses into Glover’s gaping hand hole and finally know his unique scent.

It was clear Glover had run from his house to the soundstage, as there was an overwhelming smell of sweat and his interior lining was damp. Beyond the perspiration though, a much more complex aroma was to be found. A heady mix of strong black coffee, clean cotton, and cherry vape pens. We thanked Glover for his time, but he did not respond and left quietly.

As of presss time, a remastered version of Glover is available now on Steam, with console ports currently in development. And if anyone ever asks you what you think the inside of Glover’s hand hole smells like, go ahead and tell them you heard it smells great.