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With GTA 6 Right Around the Corner, Here is Everything We Know About GTA 7

Grand Theft Auto is the 5th best-selling video game franchise in the world and the recent announcement of 6 has garnered attention from all corners of the internet. Now that it has it’s announcement of an announcement, GTA VI has lost the luster and mystique around its now inevitable release. Thus it is time now to look even further forward, towards GTA VII

This will be an entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise

What may not be entirely apparent but the “GTA” in GTA VII is an acronym for Grand Theft Auto. So knowing this, we know that this game will take place within the Grand Theft Auto extended universe.

Dubious and criminal actions will play a major role in the plot and gameplay

Grand Theft Auto is not only the name of the franchise, but also the name of a type of crime. A crime in which “the thief intends to deprive the owner of the vehicle permanently.” So we can safely assume that crime will play a large role in the game’s overall loop.

The Shark Cards will remain overpriced for what the money gets you

Seriously, these things are so expensive. $100 USD will get you $10 million in GTA bucks. At one point that would get you pretty far. The best heist at the start of the heist update cost about $25K to set up and could reward nearly $2 million. But these days most content makes the $10 million look like nothing. Getting all 5 Motorcycle Club businesses upgraded costs $10 million GTA bucks. To do military heists requires a military base that can cost close to $3 million GTA bucks. And then the vehicles. Planes costing up to $10 million a hangar to house the planes you own costing up to $3 million, Rocket bike at $8 million, Dominic Toreto’s gun-car for $6 million, flying car for $5 million, tanks for $4 million, and Yacht’s for $6 million and it even costs $25k to move it! Seriously, $100 REAL USD gets you a fraction of the content.

The fanbase will be looking for teasers of VII in VI

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing will satiate this fanbase. They have been starving for a new entry for so long that even a new game release will not be enough to satisfy them. It is like feeding a man on the brink of death a half a slice of toast. They will start to look for any indication of GTA VII in every asset in the game. They will comb over every pixel in an attempt to find a crumb towards GTA VII, all without ever finishing the story mode for VI.

Online will continue being a second full time job to be able to fund and access all of the content they add

If you aren’t willing to shell out the money for the content listed above, get ready, because this is your 5 to 9 after your 9 to 5. The amount of time it takes to earn money is astronomical. And the time will only grow as they add more content in GTA VII.

Players will follow appropriate traffic laws when they get bored

We have all done this, and this will just be another entry in which we do it. Especially when your 5 to 9 gets tiring. Do not lie to us, and especially yourself.

The location of GTA VII being a geological average of the GTA VI speculated locations

The photo of the house rumor in the San Andreas remake and the “I <3 VC” towels in GTA V could mean that VII may be somewhere in the two locations. That’s right GTA Nebraska. Grand Theft Corn baby!

It will most likely come out after GTA VI (rumored)

Due to VII coming after VI in numerical order means that this entry will most likely be coming out at some point after GTA VI releases.

GTA VII release year (speculative)

Now if we assume a trend is occurring in the GTA release schedule, we can try and calculate the potential release year for GTA VII. There are two potential trends we see in the cadence of releases.

The first trend bars the release of the non-numbered entries in the franchise. With GTA originally coming out in 1997, GTA II in 1999, GTA III in 2001, GTA IV in 2008, and GTA V in 2013, and assuming GTA VI in 2024, we can see that the release years have gaps of 2,2,7,5,11 respectively. The trend follows being 2 close / relatively similar years then a spike that is increasing by 1 year after the coupled years. Gaps of 2 and 2 years jumping to 7 years (a 5 year gap) and then gaps of 7 and 5 years jumping to 11 years (a spike of 6 years). We can assume the gap between releases is going to be close to 11 years, so we could expect GTA VII roughly in the years between 2033 to 2037. Also leading to the next spike of 7 years occuring, meaning GTA VIII coming out anytime between 2041 and 2057.

The second trend includes all of the mainline releases in the GTA franchise. We insert Vice City in 2002 and San Andreas in 2004 the gaps are 2,2,1,2,4,5,11 years respectively. We can assume a slightly ascending nature with a massive leap from 5 to 11 years gap. Following this ascending nature from the 11 year gap point, then lets average the years prior, which gives us a 2.67 year gap. So let’s say the next gap is going to be this 11 + 2.67 average and round up to 14 years. So we can assume that GTA VII is going to come out in 2036.