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Where Is Xur This Week? Seriously, We Need to Know Because His Family Is Worried About Him

There’s a ton of awesome loot in Destiny 2, especially in the latest expansion, Forsaken. But the best weapons can be pretty hard to come by. Luckily, each week, Xur, a weapons specialist, shows up to trade and always has one exotic weapon and one piece of exotic slate of armor per class… if you can find him!

Normally, we post a guide for collectors to find Xur and obtain weapons. However… this week, unfortunately, Xur is really missing, and even his family can’t reach him.

“I’m at my wit’s end,” Xur’s mother, Nûrlox posted on her Facebook account. “I haven’t heard from my son in almost six days and the thought of him being lost and alone in space is just too much to bear. Also I’m really hoping to pick up a Jötunn, the new exotic fusion rifle.”

Nûrlox and her husband, Xur Sr., are further troubled because of their son’s proclivity towards collecting dangerous, exoctic weapons.

“Other kids when they grow up, they collect space cards or Io rocks,” Xur Sr. explained to reporters. “Xur, he’d come home with a Tractor Cannon or an Ashen Wake like it was nothing. And who knows where he found it! Son, if you’re reading this, please come home. Your mother is worried sick.”

In spite of their fears for the worst, Xur’s parents maintain hope that he’ll be found. Others who are close to the Agent of the Nine are not as worried, because this is not the first time he has gone missing.

“He’s always doing this — disappearing to god knows where,” stated Xur’s wife, Malkanûx. “Probably beyond The Reef to see some Awoken harlot. I’d tell him ‘Xur, legendary shards aren’t food. Stop trading exotic weapons for a mythical currency and earn a real living for this family’ but he never listens.” she said while rubbing her pregnant belly.

Despite repeated attempts to contact them, The Nine refused to comment on Xur’s disappearance only saying “We wish we could help but we busy trying to understand who the fuck we actually are.”

If you have any information about the location of Xur, please tell local law enforcement. And if you’re reading this, Xur, we love you.

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