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What to Know About Jerma985

Jerma985 is a Youtuber turned streamer with an incredibly devoted fan base, but his identity and persona can be difficult to understand. Before jumping onto one of his infamous streams, here’s everything you need to know about him!

What Is His Real Name?

While Jerma985 is his online moniker, the streamer’s real name is Jeremy985

What Would People Know Him From?

His Twitch streams, Youtube videos, or the Boston Police Department sketch of the criminal known as The Rat King

What is his role in the Twitch community?

Cautionary tale

What Is His Occupation?

He streams video games and is a living absurdist art installation

How Does He Interact With His Fans?

Jerma famously finds it difficult to relate to his fans as the only one on his massive streams that has a job

How Did He Get His Start?

Jerma went from just a fledgling creator making incomprehensible noises on Youtube to a media sensation making incomprehensible noises on Twitch

So, It’s Just Actually A Coincidence That He’s A TF2 Youtuber Who Looks and Sounds Exactly Like the Scout?

Somehow, yes.

What is His Job Title?

Digital clown

How Tall is He?

Jerma is currently listed at 5’ 1”, the average height for males of his species

What Makes His Streams Different?

Jerma has gained notoriety by crafting Twitch streams that are incredibly strange and avant-garde for being entertaining and unproblematic

What Is His Relationship with STAR_?

Oddly maternal

What Is He Famous For?

Being a normal, kind man who just plays video games for a living, Jerma is famous for being characterized as a demented serial killer that is disconnected from reality

How Many People Has He Killed?

Twitch chat vastly mischaracterizes Jerma as a serial killer as an ironic bit, in reality the streamer has only killed a measly four people

Will He Ever Do Another Clowns Vs. Magicians Baseball Game?

I don’t know. This is not a question that a normal person should need the answer to.

How Much Does He Make a Year?

$11.45 after Dr. Pepper expenses

What Would Make Him Quit Streaming?

Adderall prescription

Is He Seeing Anyone?

Jerma has confirmed he is currently in a committed relationship with every single one of his viewers in their mind

What Are His Upcoming Projects?

His current schedule is video game stream, video game stream, stream that upends the fabric of reality itself

Does Jerma have a son?

In real life no, but in the fake lore of his streaming persona, which is also just him, yes? This is the kind of shit you’re dealing with, maybe just watch another streamer.

How Will He Die?

Peacefully, surrounded by his friends, family, and Twitch chat