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Welcome to New York City! If You’re Looking for Work, I Heard Paul at Lucy’s Tavern Is Looking to Hire Someone for an Errand. Rumors? Something Fishy Has Been Happening Outside the Statue of Liberty Lately. Strange Noises. You Won’t Catch Me Anywhere Near It. And Stay Out of the Sewers. That’s Where the Thieves Live

Why hello, Traveler! Welcome to New York City! Always good to see a new face here in town. I see you’ve come up the Jersey Passage. Not a lot of folks coming that way lately. I sure hope no highwaymen gave you trouble. Welcome! New York is divided into five districts, each with their own people, architecture, and basketball teams. This borough is called Manhattan. If you get lost around town, just look at those signs on the corners of the street and they will tell you where you are. If you need to get somewhere quickly, just press L3 to stick out your thumb and a taxi or subway train will come and pick you up—for a fee, of course! I heard Martha at the Chess Shop on Bleecker Street has discovered a new champion. Do you play the King’s game? Maybe it’s time to pay them a visit! I’ll put the location on your minimap. Although, you won’t be able to take the bridge into Williamsburg today, I’m afraid. Something big is blocking the path. I don’t know what’s going on, but I saw the police looking worried. If a police officer looks worried, that is never a good sign. You know, I grew up in this town. My parents came here for the famous pizza pies, and they stayed and opened a weapon shop. Business isn’t what it used to be, but they’re scraping by. Drop in if you have some coin to spare. I hear a child in SoHo performing some kind of magic ritual. I’d keep my distance if I were you. Never can be too careful. South of here is a bunch of water. You’ll need special equipment if you’d like to go in without drowning. Well that’s all. Goodbye.

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