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‘WarioWare: Move It!’ Includes Full HD Remake of Old Nose Picking Game

REDMOND, Wash. — In addition to several other upgrades and quality of life improvements, the new WarioWare game reportedly features a fully HD, shockingly lifelike version of that one nose picking game from the old game, sources have confirmed.

“Wow, this is the best looking thing I’ve ever seen on the Switch,” said game reviewer Kelly Gentry. “I’m not really sure the photorealism goes with the whimsical cartoonish nature of the game and franchise, but on the other hand, it’s such an impressive technical flex, I definitely understand why they’d want to include it.”

Critics and players alike were impressed with the vividness of the new nose picking minigame’s visuals.

“They didn’t have to go so hard on this two second minigame, but they sure the hell did,” said local gamer Leo Holden. “People that are saying it’s weird and pointless just don’t get it, either. Of course it’s weird and pointless, that’s the vibe of the whole game! But also, cleverly, the visuals are so awe-inspiring that my jaw was on the floor and I wasn’t able to line the finger up with the nostril in time and I actually lost the game. It’s not so easy anymore!”

Nintendo released a video earlier today explaining how they achieved this technical showcase on their aging Switch hardware. 

“It’s because it’s only for a couple of seconds, you see,” said Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser. “My understanding is that we could never do a full game with these dope-ass graphics, but the couple of seconds required for that little minigame means that we can fully render the face, the hand, the art on the walls all in breathtaking 4K. Ray-tracing. HDR. It does all that shit.” 

As of press time, WarioWare: Move It! had garnered mostly positive reviews, most of which cited the unnecessarily realistic nose-picking remake as the game’s one major flaw.