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Video Game Site Releases Poll to Let Users Decide Which Writer to Fire

ArenaNet waded into controversy after firing developer Jessica Price for a series of tweets she sent to a streamer expressing her disinterest in his criticism.

Well, we at Hard Drive, the most ethical gaming news website of all time, agree that everything should be by the fans and for the fans. And lo and behold, many of our writers have tweeted out things that offend our community in their spare time.

We want to put their futures in the hands of our community. Below is a selection of our writers, with links to their articles on our website, alongside their most horrid tweets. At the bottom is a link to a form where you can vote to decide which of these disgusting writers should be fired.

Choose wisely. Or don’t. You’re in charge! So you can, and probably will, make your decision in whatever arbitrary way you wish, and we will carry it out as your humble servants in gaming.

1) Jeremy Kaplowitz 

2) David Tyler

3) Mike Amory

4) Adam Martin

5) Kyle Sekaquaptewa 

6) Louie Aronowitz

7) Mark Roebuck 

8) Luke Woodward

9) Dustin Meadows 

10) Mo Mozuch 

11) Dave Cross 

12) Rob Steinberg

13) Steven Porfiri 


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