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Producers Looking to Cast 100,000 Roles for Upcoming Vampire Survivors Animated Show

LOS ANGELES — Production studio Story Kitchen has begun work on the recently announced Vampire Survivors animated show, and are looking to fill some 100,000 roles over the next few weeks, sources have confirmed. 

“This has really proven to be quite an undertaking,” said Derek Kolstad, a cofounder of Story Kitchen. “Whereas Vampire Survivors the video game was a brilliantly simple title that was able to compete with the biggest games of the year despite being made by a single person, this show is probably going to be the most expensive thing we’ve ever made. There’s just so many roles we have to fill.” 

 “You should see the script,” he added. “There are 6,700 characters with lines in the pilot alone!” 

The small screen adaptation of the show is merely the latest measure of its rampant success. 

“This is so much more than I ever could have imagined,” said Luca Galante, also known as poncle, the lone developer of Vampire Survivors. “I was just hoping to make a fun game, and to get end of the year awards is just beyond anything I anticipated. And now that it’s being turned into a TV show with a casting call that has literally shut down most of Los Angeles for the last two days? Get outta here!” 

The densely populated audition attracted hopeful actors by the busload. 

“Oh man, this could be the next big video game show,” said local thespian Leslie Andrews, standing in line half a mile away from the office where auditions were being held. “I blew my Last of Us audition, but if I can scream convincingly here I might be able to book this one. Even though this is by far the most crowded audition I’ve ever seen, by my count there’s still more parts than there are actors here. I’m totally in.” 

As of press time, it was revealed that Hollywood celebrities would actually be voicing most of the 100,000 characters in the Vampire Survivors animated show. 


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