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UltraWide Monitor User’s Eyes Complete Pilgrimage from Mini-Map to Item Hotbar

Beth Dean, an ultra wide monitor owner, has reportedly survived the harrowing visual trek from her mini-map in the top left of the screen to her item hotbar in the bottom-middle of the screen, multiple sources confirmed.

“It was really hard, but I’m glad I did it,” said Dean, with bloody bandages over her overworked eyeballs. “I almost gave up halfway through, but I had to find out what items I had. When I got there, it was all worth it. So many items to look at in my hotbar. I had a potion! I had no idea. I took a selfie with it like I was at the top of Mount Everest. I’m excited to see what the other parts of my screen look like. Like, what could be in the top right of the screen? I hope I get to see it within my lifetime.”

Audrey Riedel, Dean’s optometrist, was advising her throughout her journey,

“I kept telling her to stop, but she kept pushing and calling me ‘visually unmotivated,’” said Riedel. “I get a couple people like this a month. Usually they ramble on about Forza. I don’t even think they like racing games they just know that one works with the ultrawide.”

Game Developer, Andre Francis, heard about Dean’s achievement and aims to streamline the Ultrawide user experience in his game.

“After listening to all of our ultrawide users’ feedback, we’re working on adding settings to allow ultrawide users to compress on-screen visuals into a 1080×1080 square,” said Francis. “Some people call that a regular monitor, we call it innovation. Everyone wants more options, and what better way to give players more options than by letting them revert back to previous technology with their new technology?

At press time, Dean was seen blindly wandering her house, trying to find her way back to her monitor.